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2 Online Certificate Programs at University of Louisville

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Whether you want to start a new career or seek promotion in the current job, an online certificate program can give you what you need.

As opposed to other degree programs, online certificate programs usually take less time to complete and offer a faster track to a new career. It’s also an inexpensive way to gain valuable knowledge and learn new skills in your desired field. University of Louisville also offers a variety of 100% online degree programs, including two graduate certificate programs.

You must be curious to know the reason to choose UofL since there’re so many online schools offering graduate certificate programs. UofL’s online graduate certificate programs allow you to earn your certificate in as little as 12 months. You can also interact with other online learners throughout the world. Let’s explore the two graduate certificate programs in details.

Graduate Certificate in Data Mining

The online graduate certificate in data mining is offered through joint efforts of the Department of Computer Engineering and Computer Science (CECS) and the Department of Mathematics. The certificate is specially designed for trained professionals in the interdisciplinary field of data mining.

• How many credits are required?

To earn your graduate certificate in data mining, you must obtain a minimum of 18 credits, including 12 credit hours of compulsory courses and 6 credit hours of two electives. Required courses include:

• CECS 535 – Database Design

• CECS 632 – Data Mining

• CECS 694 – Special Topic: Linear Statistical Models

• CECS 694 – Special Topic: Web Mining

You also need to choose two electives from the following courses:

• CECS 590 – Intro to Data Analysis

• CECS 619 – Computer Algorithms

• CECS 694 – Special Topic: Data Warehousing

• CECS 694 – Special Topic: Data Mining with Time Series

• CECS 694 – Special Topic: Web Mining

All courses are taught by award-winning faculty at University of Louisville. They are leaders in various fields, like information assurance, multimedia, data mining, data warehousing and data analysis. You can choose to complete the program entirely online. Or you can opt for a hybrid format that combines online classes with on-campus classes.

• What are the potential career opportunities?

There’s a growing need for data miners, who specialize in picking out valuable hidden data from large masses of stored data. These specialists are extremely important for numerous industries, such as insurance, banking, healthcare, retail, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals. Graduates of this certificate program will be eligible for various positions, including business & data analysts, financial managers, IT professionals, database & direct marketers, project managers and marketing, sales & customer relations managers. The online certificate program will develop your career for sure.

• How to apply?

If you’re seeking a certificate only, a bachelor’s degree in a technically related field and knowledge of calculus will be enough. Applicants with technical experience may also qualify. Of course, all applicants must complete the form of application for admission. A non-refundable application fee of $60 is needed.

However, some students may want to get a master’s or doctoral degree after the completion of the 18-credit-hour certificate program. These students will be required to submit an official credential for GRE score and two recommendation forms. Your application materials can be mailed to the following address:

Graduate Admissions

University of Louisville

Louisville KY 40292

Graduate Certificate in Network and Information Security

Are you ready to handle the challenges of rapidly changing networking technology? It will be smart to earn an online graduate certificate in network and information security at University of Louisville.

• Who should apply?

As an advanced computer professional, you may want to strengthen your knowledge and skills in the fast changing field of network and information security. Then this online certificate graduate program can help you. You’ll be trained to monitor and identify cyber criminals.

However, this certificate program is not only available for computer professionals. If you do not major in computer engineering or computer science, but want to acquire knowledge and learn skills in network and information security, this certificate can be considered as well.

• What about the curriculum?

The online graduate certificate in network and information security features an innovative curriculum. You’ll be required to complete a total of 12 credits of coursework, including four 3-credit courses. There are two compulsory courses: CECS 566 – Information Security and CESC 564 – Introduction to Cryptology. Plus, you must choose two optional courses from the following:

• CECS 617 – Mobile Computing

• CECS 694 – Special topic on Computer Forensics

• CECS 632 – Date Mining

• CECS 694 – Special topic on Network Security

• CECS 694 – Special topic on Informational Assurance

The program can be finished completely online. It means that all courses can be taken online. You can also complete the program in combination with on-campus courses. No matter which option you choose, you can earn your certificate in as little as 12 months.

• Are there any admission requirements?

In order to apply for the network and information security certificate program, you must complete the application form for admission. University of Louisville also charges a $60 non-refundable application fee. Applicants must show an official transcript that certifies at least a bachelor’s degree.

All required courses must be taken if you want to earn your certificate. Without sufficient background knowledge, you may not be successful in the coursework. To qualify for the certificate program, you must meet any of the following criteria:

• Completion of the required course prerequisites

• Have equivalent knowledge from courses that are taken at other universities (course equivalent to CECS 311, CECS 420 and CECS 310 courses)

• Have equivalent knowledge from work experience in operating systems, networking and legal & ethical issues

Please be alert that you must prepare enough documentation to demonstrate that you have sufficient background knowledge for course prerequisites. Possible documentation can include official transcripts of courses that you’ve taken and course catalog description. If your work experience is used as substitute, you must gather documentation from your work to display your experience in the particular areas. For students who speak English as the second language, TOEFL scores must be submitted.

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