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3 Accredited Schools for Online Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting

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According to a report of the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment in accounting is expected to increase by 22% through 2018.

So you see, accounting will remain one of the most sought-after majors of business in colleges and universities across our country in the following years. On the other hand, the growing number of accounting professionals will make the competition for this high-demand career extremely aggressive.

In order to make yourself stand out of the rivals, besides the enthusiasm for numbers and good communication skills, you need to provide the employers with the solid proof that you are exactly cut out for this job. Then what is the proof? A bachelor’s degree in accounting – at least!

A bachelor’s degree in accounting is an undergraduate degree designed to prepare the learners for professional accountants and other accounting-related jobs. In the US, it is typically a four-year professional degree program that many universities and colleges actually offer. Then with the boom of online learning, online bachelor’s degree in accounting programs also receive significant popularity as its campus-based counterparts.

Why Online Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting?

With the rigorous commitment to the accounting knowledge, technical and functional expertise, interpersonal skills and innovative insight, an online bachelor’s degree in accounting prepares you for the increasingly complex business world, advances your accounting skills, and boosts your career prospects in the business and management.

During your pursuit of an online accounting degree, you will obtain crucial and in-depth understanding on how accounting world functions and how to make the most contribution to your business or organization.

Besides the academic foundation in accounting, online bachelor’s degree programs also attend to the needs of working professionals who desire to earn a higher degree in accounting but are unable to balance the schedule between work and study, as well as those stay-at-home individuals who would like to learn at their own pace and schedule.

Most online accounting degree programs, including bachelors, masters and certificate programs, allow the students to determine when and where to take classes – as long as they have a computer and internet access. Therefore, you can earn your degree online without setting foot on campus.

Additionally, some universities and colleges even offer accelerated programs to help you earn the online bachelor’s degree in accounting in a faster format. However, I need to remind you that completing an online accounting program is not always quicker than that of a campus-based program, as this depends on the school you choose and your learning schedule.

Why Accreditation?

Since an online bachelor’s degree in accounting will be your stepping-stone into accounting field, earning it from an accredited school will ensure you the quality education and further qualify you for entry-level and mid-level accounting jobs. So when you are searching for online programs of bachelor’s degree in accounting, make sure the program or school is accredited, otherwise, your degree would be worth nothing.

Considering the importance of accreditation, here I recommend three accredited universities for online bachelor’s degree in accounting, which are among the top-rated accredited schools that offer online accounting programs. Make a few minutes for these three programs and see if any fits your career goals or academic interests.

1. DeVry University

Accreditation: The Higher Learning Commission, and meanwhile, a member of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

DeVry University, a private, for-profit higher education university, has more than 80 years of experience in technology- and business-oriented education. The University provides a variety of online degree programs at different levels, combined with the flexibility and convenience you want.

For people who are eager to play an important role in business administration and management, DeVry University Accounting Bachelor’s Degree program would help you. This program consists of 125 semester credit hours, available online, on campus, or through the combination of both. This degree program will familiarize you with the financial tools, tax codes, and accounting practice through an array of career-focused courses.

However, it is notable that DeVry’s online Accounting Bachelor’s Degree program is only available in certain states like Florida, California, Michigan and Washington. Given this, if this program is not available online for your state, you can consider an online bachelor’s degree from the fields of business administration, management, or technical management, and then choose accounting as your specialization.

2. Walden University

Accreditation: The Higher Learning Commission, and also a member of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

With a broad range of online degree programs, Walden University has over 40-year experience in online education for working professionals, delivering them the quality education and practical skills that can be used immediately in their workplace.

Walden’s online Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting program helps you develop a strong understanding in accounting – both in theory and practical application. Through this online program, you will learn how accounting tools work in different business environment, as well as how to play your role as the accountant to the best of your ability.

The curriculum of this program is created based on the standards set by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. After enrolling into this program, you can take advantage of the flexible online format and MobileLearn service to listen or access online courses through your MP3 player, iPhone, or your laptop.

To earn this online degree, you need to complete 80 semester credit hours, including upper-level courses in subjects like auditing, taxation, management accounting and financial accounting.

3. Ashford University

Accreditation: The Higher Learning Commission, and a member of the North Central Association.

As an innovator of college experience, Ashford University provides a wide variety of accredited online bachelor’s and master’s degree programs to working adults who desire a career change, better career prospects, or the necessary skills and knowledge in their fields.

For those who would like to develop or enhance accounting skills, Ashford’s Bachelor of Arts in Accounting program could be for you, teaching you the fundamental principles and procedures of accounting. Upon your graduation, you will be prepared for various positions in accounting field.

This online degree program contains 120 credits, including 52 credits for general education, 42 credits for major courses, and 29 credits for electives. In addition, you must complete 30 upper-level credits, 18 credits of which must be earned from major courses.

12 responses to “3 Accredited Schools for Online Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting”

  1. Simmons says:

    In addition to universities listed in this article, I know schools like Capella University, Rasmussen College, Post University and Western Governors University also have gained popularity in recent years due to many of the flexible online-degree programs that they offer, including the bachelor’s degree in accounting.

  2. bread says:

    I heard that in order to get a well-paid job in accounting, a bachelor’s degree is a must, while higher degrees are welcome. But I doubt if online accounting degree programs would equip learners with the same quality education as campus-based programs. Online learning lacks effective communication between students and teachers and may not provide students with a real-world accounting experience.
    Anyone earns a bachelor’s degree in accounting online? Be kind to share us your experience.

  3. pouring rain says:

    I am not sure of the quality of online education, but I know many universities and colleges claim that their bachelor degrees in accounting are the same as those of on-campus students. You can not tell it is an online or traditional diploma from the appearance. Anyhow, before you enroll into an online degree program, it’s better to make everything clear and read former students’ reviews.

  4. pouring rain says:

    Actually, there are not many differences between an online and traditional degree, on the condition that the online degree is offered by an accredited university, college, or program.

  5. road_less_traveled says:

    Anyone knows how much it would cost to earn an online bachelor’s degree in accounting from DeVry University? Does the university charge the same tuition rates for online and campus-based students?

  6. Wang says:

    I visited DeVry University’s website and got to find this:
    “Within each semester, hours 1-6 are charged at one credit hour rate; hours 7 and above are charged at a lower rate.”
    DeVry’s online bachelor’s degree in accounting includes 125 semester credit hours. The tuition rate for credit hours 1 to 6 is $609 per credit, while $365 per credit for hours 7 and above.

  7. eLlA says:

    I want to know what career opportunities will be available to me after I earn a online bachelor’s degree in accounting successfully.

  8. MONEY says:

    Generally, with a bachelor’s degree in accounting, no matter how it is earned, online or on campus, you will access a variety of potential career options, such as:
    Assurance specialist
    Business or financial analyst
    Cash manager
    Pricing specialist
    Public accountant or auditor
    Risk manager
    Tax specialist
    …and more

  9. MONEY says:

    I earned my online BA degree in accounting from Ashford. Here, I wanna share what I know with those considering Ashford.
    To enroll into Ashford online BS in accounting, you must meet the following requirements:
    1. have a regular high-school diploma, or an equivalent
    2. be 22 years old or above, unless you’ve earned an Associate’s degree or higher from a regionally or approved nationally accredited institution
    3. have the ability to study English

  10. Cloud 9 says:

    Walden University is a good option. It is home to plenty of online degree programs. Combined with rich experience in online education and top-rated facility, Walden University can be the good source for your online bachelor’s degree in accounting.

  11. middle of night says:

    How much does each credit hour cost for Ashford’s BA in Accounting? Is financial aid available to online learners?

  12. skin_tight_jeans says:

    The tuition rate for Ashford University’s online bachelor’s degree in accounting is $48,240, not including $4,000 books fee and $2,150 other fees. Online students enjoy the same access to financial aid as on-campus students.

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