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3 Most Potential-realizing Online Programs for Introverts

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It seems that society harbors stereotype towards introverts, teachers included.
The shocking story of how a higher school English teacher from Pennsylvania blogged her feelings towards her introvert students still remains fresh in our memory. In her blogs, this teacher considered her shy students as kids that have no personality. She thought that being an introvert is annoying. She believed that these students should act like everyone else.

Apparently, she knew little about the odyssey introvert students have to face and bear in traditional American schools.

Introverts out there, there are 3 things you need to know. NO.1, there is nothing wrong with being an introvert, so don’t be too hard on yourself. NO.2, sucking it up and pretending like everyone else is not the solution. And NO.3, there are always learning programs that work for you.

And yes, we are taking about online programs. Various studies and surveys found that some online programs work better for introverts. You don’t have to get stuck in a learning system that constrains your nature when you can realize your potential in another.

Here are the 3 online programs that are believed to be the right thing for you.

3 online programs suiting solitary people

Various surveys suggest that there are at least 3 online programs that may work best with your reserved personality.

– Accounting

Accounting requires smooth interaction with numbers rather than people, which is one part of the personality of introverts. They tend to enjoying more when dealing with numbers than people. And they may need private space so that they can concentrate on crunching numbers.

Online accounting programs can serve the purpose. Typically including courses that concentrate on accounting info systems, business law, and auditing, these programs produce degrees that lead to a career as an accountant.

– Health Information Technology

You may desire practice in the health care industry. But being an invert, you feel you are more interested in the interacting with data and computers than patients.

Don’t worry; online Health Information Technology programs fit the bill.

These programs require proficiency and excellence in patient confidentiality and medical records rather than smooth interaction with patients.

– Computer Science

Online programs on computer science suit people who are willing to get close to a computer rather than human beings. Introverts are those people. They can get along with a computer that has no life instead of human beings who can talk.

When learning online Computer Science programs, you’ll have a great time understanding computer systems and software engineering. Interaction with people is not very necessary. You have your computer and that is enough for you, isn’t it?

Where to learn these programs?

Many universities, online or traditional, offer programs in Accounting, Health Information Technology, and Computer Science. But for your learning quality, here are two respected universities that can meet your needs.

– Master of Science in Accounting from Kaplan University

The Master of Science in Accounting from Kaplan University paves the way for your advancement to a higher position in the accounting field if you already have a bachelor’s degree in business. Upon the completion of this program, you will be equipped with critical thinking and problem-solving skills that help you move forward in the accounting practice.

Curriculum includes practices in auditing, taxation, cost accounting, and financial accounting, which centers on

1) Introduction to overall department management

2) Generation and analysis of accounting data

3) Development of quality improvement processes, compliance strategies, and reimbursement procedures

4) Hands-on experience in risk management and legal issues

You can also choose elective courses and a specialization that cater to your interests and learning goals.

– Associate of Applied Science in Health Information Technology from Kaplan University

Combining online coursework with on-ground clinical experiences, this program is to prepare you with the knowledge, skills and work habits necessary for the entry-level positions in the field of health information management.

Curriculum focuses on

1) Familiarizing you with the processing, maintaining, compiling, and reporting of health info data that work for patient care, reimbursement, facility planning, marketing, risk management, quality assessment, and research

2) Developing your skills in medical coding and abstracting procedures

3) Introducing to you the supervisory and legal aspects of health info

4) Helping you foster professional behaviors and problem solving

Excellent graduates will have the mastery of health records abstracting and health care service report compiling; health record organizing, analyzing, and evaluating; releasing patient info based on applicable laws.

– Computer Information Systems Degree Program from DeVry University

Job growth in computing fields is expected to keep increasing as the job demand in computer information systems specialists and management professionals continues to rise. A bachelor’s degree in Computer Information will get you prepared for related employment opportunities.

The Computer Information Systems Degree Program from DeVry University is the very vehicle you need to obtain such a bachelor’s degree.

This online program includes 8 full-time semesters, 124 credit hours. 9 specializations are offered:

1) Business Management

2) Computer Forensics

3) Database Management

4) Enterprise Computing

5) Health Information Systems

6) Information Systems Security

7) Systems Analysis and Integration

8) Web Development and Administration

9) Web Game Programming

You can choose your preferred specialization among the list. You are required to complete at least 16 credit hours of your coursework to this preferred specialization.

This program also grants you access to the customization of your studies by selecting the Flex Option.

DeVry University offers a mix of online programs that can also be attended at a DeVry location. You can reach your goals in the way that you prefer. But since the availability varies by location, you’d better contact DeVry to see if the Computer Information Systems Degree Program is available at your location.

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    You may forget some programs. Some online programs like art and literature are also suitable for solitary people. They don’t need to deal with human relations too much. However, here is another mindset: solitary people need more social activities than others. Maybe they can try some programs that are completely different from the programs we set forth.

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