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3 Universities that Offer Cost-effective Online Programs

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These years we’ve seen the steady rise in education costs on a wide scale.

In the Great Britain, there is the student parade fighting against the hefty tuition and fees. In the States, things are not better. Though there is no student parade, but the Occupying Wall Street launched by the 99 percent, is an explosion of their discontents to everything, education costs included.

You don’t have to spend a fortune for the mere sake of learning. There is always a way to receive quality education: online programs, which receive rising recognition over the years. By taking online programs, you will get proper education without actually going to a school. As to the tuition and fees, it generally costs less to attend programs online than at a traditional school.

Although there have been complaints and even accusations about the overcharge by some schools offering online programs, quite a few schools open doors for students aspiring for further education at affordable tuition fees.

Following are some of these schools, for your reference. And don’t worry, lower costs don’t mean compromised learning experience or education quality.

Delta International University online MBA, MPA and BBA programs

Delta International University (DIU) now offers MBA, MPA and BBA programs that can be attended at the comfort of your home and at affordable prices.

– Costs for MBA and MPA

It costs about 188.25 dollars for every credit you attend. The completion of the two programs requires 51 credit, and 16 courses for 17 months. That makes the total cost of the two programs stay at about 9,600 dollars.

In addition, there is a non-refundable application fee of 150 dollars. And if you take research project, an additional 3 credits for a total of 54 will be required. The research project will cost about 564 dollars. So that is to say, you need to spend 9,814 dollars for the completion of the whole program.

– Costs of BBA

The online BBA at DIU has 120 credits, 40 courses and lasts for 41 months. It is 110 dollars per credit. Plus the 150-dollar application fee, the total cost will be 132,350 dollars.

Also, there are other fees.

– Textbooks

Each Additional Transcript fee is 20 dollars. This fee only applies when textbooks are necessary for your learning. In other words, you don’t have to pay if your program does not require textbooks.

– Document fee of 120 dollars

– Registered mail document delivery fee of 80 dollars

– FedEx document delivery fee of 180 dollars

Kaplan University

If you have done some research on online schools, Kaplan University must sound familiar. Known for providing quality online education through its specializations, Kaplan is dedicated to the online education of aspiring learners. Better still, it offers education at competitive price. What’s even greater, it spares no effort to assist you to get financial support if you need it to pay your education.

Currently, there are 4 financial supports available at Kaplan University.

– Financial Aid

You will be given step-to-step guidance when applying for financial aid. The Financial Aid TV, for example, is your direct source of learning about financial aid that discusses different financial aid topics in short videos.

– Scholarships

Studying hard pays. One proof is that you are able to earn a scholarship if you show excellent academic record or work experience. Again, you will get all necessary info about qualifications for scholarships at Kaplan University.

– Loans and Grants

As a Kaplan University online student, you will have access to loans and grants. Related info is open to you to explore.

– Benefits for Military Personnel and Veterans

Both the U.S. Military and Kaplan University provide benefits like reduced tuition rates. Active-duty service members, their spouses, and veterans are able to apply for them.

Kaplan University itself is committed to the benefits of military students by:

1) Offering reduced tuition rates and fees waivers

2) Participating in the Yellow Ribbon Program

3) Executing military-friendly change of orders withdrawal policy

4) Accepting military credits earned by taking DANTES/CLEP exams

5) Providing real-time assistance by employing advisors who are trained to handle military and VA benefits

Western Governors University

At Western Governors University (WGU), tuition and fees are not charged per course or per credit. Instead, WGU charges tuition at a flat rate. Each term lasts for 6-months. You can start it on the first of any of the 6 months.

– As of November 1, 2011, tuition is arranged per term like this

1) 3,250 dollars for Nursing Programs (MSN and BSN)

2) 4,250 dollars for B.S. Nursing (Pre-licensure)

3) 3,250 dollars for MBA Programs

4) 2,890 dollars for Business Bachelor’s Programs

5) 2.890 dollars for Information Technology Degrees

6) 2,890 dollars for All Teachers College Programs

– Fees include

1) Resource fee of 145 dollars per term, which is not refundable

2) Application fee of 65 dollars which is still non-refundable (Application fee helps offset slightly the enrollment and admission costs and WGU does not profit from this fee)

– Special fees

Special fees apply to select programs. That means you don’t have to pay the fees if you don’t enroll any select programs.

1) One-time Science Lab fee of 350 dollars for students going after either of the science bachelor’s degrees science master’s degrees that includes a home science lab

2) One-time Consolidated Nursing Program fee of 350 dollars for students going after a nursing degree

3) Demonstration Teaching fee of 1,000 dollars for students in a Teachers College program that includes student teaching

4) One-time Internship Technology Model fee of 1,900 dollars for students participating in Teachers College program that includes student teaching

5) One-time Educational Leadership Practicum fee of 1,000 dollars for students participating in the M.S. in Educational Leadership

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