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5 Online Colleges for Bachelor Degree Programs in Hospitality Management

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It is not easy as you think to satisfy different tastes of different customers, particularly if you are working in hospitability industry.

In order to stand out of the rivals and impress customers, organizations in the field of hospitality, such as restaurants, hotels, cafes, and bistros, need meticulous attention to details and dedicated commitment to guests’ satisfaction.

Tourism and hospitality have become invaluable elements of world’s economy, offering a significant number of job opportunities for individuals interested in hospitality services and management. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment opportunities in this area are expected to increase by 16% from 2008 to 2018.

Meanwhile, we should realize that coming with the employment growth is the tight competition. To enhance job opportunity and brighten your career prospect in hospitality field, you should earn a professional credential in addition to the accumulation of real-world hospitality management experience.

A bachelor’s degree in hospitality would prepare you for a wide variety of positions in hotels, restaurants, and other services-oriented organizations. During the study, you will learn a wide breadth of knowledge relevant to hospitality industry and develop managerial skills and conflict resolution abilities.

Today, many top-rated schools provide online degree programs in hospitality management to cater for the learning needs of working adults. These online programs include on-the-job education and training, with the focus on real-world challenges in hospitality management field.

While equipping you with the most up-to-date knowledge and skills, an online bachelor’s degree in hospitality management ensures you the freedom to learn at your own pace and schedule, allowing you to keep the balance between life responsibilities and continuing education.

Now, make a few minutes for my article and learn about 5 highly-acclaimed online colleges for bachelor’s degrees in hotel and hospitality management.

DeVry University

Accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association, DeVry University is one of the pioneers in online education and provides a wide option of online degree programs for working professionals who want to succeed in their future careers.

For those seeking a higher position in hospitality, DeVry’s College of Business & Management provides the online bachelor’s degree program in Business Administration with a major in Hospitality Management.

While you choose to specialize your study in Hospitality Management, your coursework would focus on:

• Foundations of Hotel Management

• Meetings and Events Management

• Restaurant Management

• Casino Management

• Tourism Management

With the increasing demand for hospitality managers and executives in hotels, spas, and food services companies, earning a bachelor’s degree in business with a specialization in Hospitality Management will get you well prepared for everyday challenges you may face during the operations as hotel managers, special event planners, events managers, and gaming managers.

South University

South University, founded in 1899, offers the online Bachelor of Business Administration with a specialization in Hospitality Management to help you earn a credential by attending classes any time from anywhere with a computer and internet.

During this program, you can earn a business degree while keeping a comfortable work-life balance, enjoying the flexibility to study at your own pace. With the emphasis on hands-on, practical experience, the courses included in this program offer you the opportunities to find out how to adapt business strategies to accommodate your organization, as well as how to apply enhanced managerial skills in your current positions.

The entire program consists of 180 total credit hours, including 64 credits on general courses, 36 credits on foundation courses and 80 credits on major courses. You are expected to complete the program within as little as 52 months. The tuition for this program is $72,360.

Strayer University

Various accredited online degree programs make Strayer a premier choice for busy working adults. Given today’s business environment, Strayer’s School of Business offers the Bachelor’s of Business Administration program with the concentration in Hospitality & Tourism Management to equip you with professional knowledge and skills necessary for the success in the field of hospitality and tourism.

In the Hospitality and Tourism Management concentration, you will learn the system, role, and management of United States and international food service and travel-related organizations. The curriculum is developed based on the impact of hospitality and tourism industry on the world’s economy and how political and cultural factors affect this industry. Meanwhile, you will build and enhance your competencies applicable to various positions in hospitality and tourism field.

Since Strayer allows self-paced study, the normal time to complete this bachelor’s program is 6 years. The tuition and fees for the entire program are $70,100 for part-time enrollment and $66,800 for full-time enrollment. The estimated cost for textbooks and other learning materials is $6,000.

Ashford University

With the commitment to accessible, affordable, and high-quality online learning, Ashford University offers the Online Bachelor of Arts in Service Management program to meet the increasing demand for skilled and effective hospitality managers.

No matter where you work, non-profit organizations, hotels, restaurants, or retail department stores, this online program will build your ability to improve the performance of a service organization and enhance your skills in making strategic decisions in various service environments.

The total required credit hours for this program are 120 credits, while the tuition and fees are $53,680.

In addition, this bachelor program comes with four specializations, Hospitality Enterprise, Mass-Market Retail Enterprise Management, Non-Profit Enterprise, and Restaurant Enterprise Management, each of which consists of 4 courses. After you complete this program, you will be prepared for entry-level service to managerial positions, a few of which include:

• guest service manager

• hotel manager

• restaurant manager

• retail store manager

• customer service manager

Columbia Southern University

Columbia Southern University is a completely online university that is accredited by the Distance Education and Training Council to award degrees. Its Bachelor of Science in Business Administration program has a specialization in Hospitality & Tourism, preparing students for positions within a wide range of hospitality and tourism related industries.

This BSBA program with the concentration in Hospitality & Tourism is designed for individuals who want to enter into this field and those currently in this industry seeking opportunities to advance their skills for higher positions.

This program requires 120 credit hours for the completion, including 60 credits in general studies and 60 in major courses. Each credit costs $200. The estimated time to complete the program is 5 years.

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