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5 Well-Recognized Colleges for Online Associate Degrees

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Today, many people choose to get an associate degree instead of a four-year bachelor’s degree, because two-year study in a specialized field is enough to get you prepared for numerous employment opportunities while saving you time and money.

Meanwhile, with an associate degree, you can access better career prospects and a broader horizon than those only holding a high school diploma.

While an associate degree program ensures you quick access to workplace, earning such a degree from an online school can be much more convenient and flexible. Since the academic quality and curriculum of online associate degrees are somewhat similar to campus-based courses, why not choose an online school and learn on your own schedule?

Earning an online associate degree is ideal for you if you are:

• Self-disciplined, independent, and self-motivated

• Full-time working professionals who want to enhance your knowledge and skills

• Busy individuals who want to study at your own pace

• Comfortable with online learning and familiarized with computer operation

Just like campus-based associate degree programs, online associate degrees also come in a variety of types, such as Associate of Arts degrees for liberal arts subjects, Associate in Science degrees focused on science-related fields, as well as Associate Degrees in Applied Arts or Science on career-oriented subjects.

Admittedly, not all associate degrees are suitable to earn online, such as the degrees requiring real-world practice. However, online associate degree programs indeed anticipate the needs of people with difficulties to attend campus-based courses or complete a four-year bachelor’s degree.

In order to apply for an online associate degree, you need to submit an official transcript from your high school, or the official results of your GED. Moreover, after the enrollment, to make sure the smooth access to online classes, discussions, and learning materials, your computer must meet the program’s software requirements.

Given the increasing amount of online schools, it is wise to choose an accredited online school or program for your associate degree. The accreditation indicates that a school or program meets the certain standards set by the authorized accrediting agencies or organizations.

Also, learning from an accredited online school will make you eligible for federal financial aid, as well as transferring credits to a 4-year institution for a bachelor’s degree – which can also be earned online if you would like. Employers are much more inclined to hire people from accredited schools.

So, what accredited schools should you go for an online associate degree? Take a look at the following five colleges and universities which award online associate degrees. All of them are regionally or nationally accredited by authorized accrediting agencies in the US.

Kaplan University

Kaplan University, accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and a member of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, provides 14 online associate degree programs which are well tailored to the students’ goals and interests. These programs typically take 2 years, around 20 courses, at a purely online learning format.

While earning your online associate degree from Kaplan University, you can access the college-level education without stepping out of your home. The total cost for an online associate degree is typically lower than that of a bachelor’s degree.

By choosing an online associate degree program, you will get started on the way towards your career goal which could be achieved within 2 years. These programs, ranging from criminal justice and accounting to fire science to medical assisting, prepare you for a variety of careers in your chosen field.

In addition, you are allowed to transfer the credits earned into a more advanced degree, earning a bachelor’s degree at an accelerated pace.

University of Phoenix

With the commitment to the higher education for working adults, University of Phoenix has more than 20 years of experience in online education. The University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, and a member of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. Meanwhile, certain degree programs are specially accredited by national-recognized accrediting agencies.

To cope with the diversified career goals of working adults, University of Phoenix offers online Associate of Arts degrees in a broad range of areas, such as business, management, criminal justice, human services, nursing and health care, psychology, technology, etc. Once you enroll, you will gain the convenience of earning a degree on your terms and interact with knowledgeable online instructors.

Besides, federal financial aid, scholarship opportunities, private student loans and tuition deferred plan are also available for online students of University of Phoenix to fund your pursuit of an online associate degree.

Post University

Founded in 1890, Post University is accredited by the Commission on Institution of Higher Education of the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, a regional accreditation agency for schools in New England states.

Post University provides five online associate degree programs respectively in accounting, early childhood education, legal studies, management and marketing, coupled with practical skills needed to advance your career prospects. These online programs allow you to earn your associate degree in a flexible format that fits your life and schedule.

To ensure that you have enough opportunities to interact with your professors and fellow classmates, online classes of Post University typically have 15 students, or even fewer. Through online Accelerate Degree Program, you can earn your degree faster at the time and place convenient for you.

Liberty University

As our nation’s largest, private, Christian university, Liberty is a leader in online education. Regionally accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, Liberty University provides an extensive range of online associate degree programs which are also available on campus, including:

• Accounting

• Business administration

• Criminal justice

• Early childhood education in interdisciplinary studies

• Education

• Interdisciplinary studies

• Business management information systems

• Paralegal studies

• Psychology

• Religion

Since Liberty University is a Christian school, the education you receive online is strictly designed based on Christian values and Biblical morality. As a non-profit school, Liberty charges the comparatively lowest tuition rates among top-rated online universities and colleges, while scholarships and flexible payment options make your online learning even more affordable.

Everest University

Everest University is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools, a national-recognized accrediting agency. The online degree programs at Everest University emphasize the practical skills and instructions for your career field. Through online learning, you will receive high quality education from distinguished professors who understand what are needed in today’s workplace.

After the day you enroll, you can take the classes whenever and wherever you want – all up to you! As for online associate degree programs, they are available in a variety of popular career fields, including accounting, applied management, business, computer information science, criminal justice, criminal investigations, and homeland security. Some programs allow you to transfer credits from previous courses so you can earn the degree in a faster pace.

When it comes to the online faculty, they all have advanced degrees and real-world work experience in the field they teach, ensuring you the academic excellence and valuable skills in your chosen subject. Together with the flexibility and ease of online learning, you can earn your associate degree at your convenience while keeping the balance of study, work and family responsibilities.

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