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A Better Understanding of Oklahoma State University Online Courses

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As a largest public university in the state established in 1890, Oklahoma State University is home to nearly 23,000 students by offering a wide range of highly interactive online courses which allow you to learn through internet entirely. The whole online programs are led by nationally known instructors and geared for you with convenience and efficiency. These various online programs are involved in various academic areas. Moreover, Oklahoma State University still presents individual graduate and undergraduate courses and certificate programs via online education.

Tuitions and Fees for Online Students

In Oklahoma State University, the costs of online tuition set for students are different. For instance, the undergraduate cost for resident students is approximately $201 per credit hour, yet it costs non-resident students $386 per credit hour. As for the graduate costs, it seems a bit higher with $230.5 per credit hour for resident compared with $453 for non-resident.

In Northwestern Oklahoma State University, tuition costs are waived for students who are out-of-state and can meet some requirements by Northwestern Oklahoma State University.

• Qualified students must meet the regular admission or standards of retention.

• Students have participated in sanctioned activity or possess 2.0 cumulative GPA

This benefit is only available for native students and the university will not waive the tuition fee for internationals students.

How Can Online Students Communicate?

Since you are a new fish for online courses in Oklahoma State University, you probably have no idea about how to communicate with your new classmates and faculties. Typically, in Oklahoma State University, email is considered as the most primary form for communicating with students, classmates and faculties. Besides, there are also supplemental tools for communication, such as special chat rooms and instant messaging, which seems popular in scheduled classes with particular time. These forms of communication allow more give-and-take and are easy to be found at normal classroom seminar. It’s great to kwon that the whiteboard for online courses is a great substitution of common blackboard in traditional classroom. With the help of whiteboard technology, your faculty can draw on the whiteboard whilst you can see it via your computer screen.

What’s New for the Upcoming New Year?

In the coming year of 2012, online students of Oklahoma State University are required to complete all of the courses of division of Business to earn the degree. Online students are not asked to physically attend to on-campus and they may take major courses in other designated institutions (e.g. community college or campus). Plus, the admission policies are still carried out in online programs. More details are as following.

• Students who take the online programs for the first semester will be required to take UNIV 1010 Online Program Orientation which is non-credit for students. The purpose of taking this orientation is to address the basics of being an online student of Oklahoma State University.

• Students registered UNIV 1010 will required to pay the online program cost.

• Prior to becoming a student of online program, student is required to meet the main standard of general education and can be able to accomplish the online major in five or six semesters in fulltime.

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