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Advantages and Disadvantages of Accredited Online Degrees

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Online education is considered an alternative for young people to pursue degrees.
Many people begin to see the advantages of online education and the benefits an accredited online degree could bring to them. But any coin has two sides. Online degree, like the degrees earned through traditional studying programs, comes with its own cons and pros.

Get to Know the Advantages of Accredited Online Degrees

Open door for further promotion and more job opportunities.

1) Degree plays a crucial role in the success of a person. In fact, you may have no access to a certain field without a degree, no matter how talented you are. If you don’t gain any worthy degree in college, then an accredited online degree can help by showing the world that you have received the required education and is qualified for a degree.

Encourage you to learn while working.

2) We all know that learning is a life long experience, but it is a different story when it comes to put it into practice. Few people have the willpower to continue studying after the finishing of formal education. By enrolling in an accredited online program and paying for the tuition, one will be stimulated to learn and to gain the degree, at least for the sake of the tuition.

Make proper use of time.

3) Though online programs offer great flexibility in time and space to facilitate working people to study anytime and anywhere convenient, it is not an easy task for busy working people, particularly those who have tight schedules. In the process of gaining the online degree, one must learn to make optimal use of time so as to finish studying in shorter time.

Learn about Disadvantages of Accredited Online Degrees

The majority of online degree pursuers only know the various advantages of gaining degrees online, but never realize its many shortcomings. Admittedly, an accredited online degree can lead you to a new job market and endow you with more knowledge and skills, but it is not without its disadvantages when compared with traditional degrees.

Lack of face to face interaction.

• Traditional education is taken place in classroom environment while online programs are taught through the internet, which leaves you few or no opportunity to get to know your classmates, not to say conducting face to face communication.

No access to labs and other research facilities.

• If you are majoring in engineering or other machinery related field, experimental facilities are very important. Besides, traditional colleges have tenured professors and skilled instructors while online education is generally comprised of part-time lecturers.

Courses are pragmatic.

• Online education is basically tailored to fit the job market and the interesting areas of study won’t be offered in order to save time. If you are interested in academic subjects, like literature or philosophy, you will end up finding online education not satisfactory though you may still get a degree.

High willpower and self-discipline are needed.

• For online education, many people can’t insist on because there is no learning atmosphere and there is nobody to encourage or inspire them. One need to make an honest assessment of themselves to make sure they are self-disciplined enough to study alone before enrolling in online programs, or it will be a waste of time and money.

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