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Am I Eligible for UIC Online Programs

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Online learning is the most convenient way for students or working people to get a higher degree without setting foot in campus.

With an online program you can also take classes anytime in accordance with your own pace. Online forums and instructors are available to you once you have a problem. After you have completed the required courses, you will obtain a degree you will be very proud of.

University of Illinois at Chicago provides lots of online programs in order to fit your learning schedules. You can get high-quality online courses after you get approved. I’d like to help you to go through the eligible requirements for each online program.

Online Bachelor’s Degree Programs

Most high school students can apply for an online Bachelor’s Degree Programs at UIC after the graduation. And the eligible requirements vary in line with your majors.

• Bachelor of Science in Health Information Management

In order to qualify for this program, you should have a good academic standing. The RHIT credential (registered health information technician credential) is not mandatory in the application process, yet if you can offer that, you will complete the program in 32 credit hours, and if you can’t, you can still get approved but it will take 63 credit hours.

• Bachelor of Business Administration Degree

You have to complete at least 60 hours of post-secondary coursework to be eligible for the program, which includes 16 Core hours and 44 General Education hours. Please note that the grade of your course work should at least reach “C” or better than that. If you have already got an Associate of Arts or Associate of Science Degree from an Illinois community college, there is no need for you to complete the General Education hours.

16 Core hours compass English Composition I for 3 credit hours, English Composition II for 3 credit hours, Principles of Macroeconomics for 3 credit hours, Principles of Microeconomics for 3 credit hours and Finite Mathematics for 4 credit hours. 44 General Education hours involve Analyzing the Natural World for 5 credit hours, Exploring World Cultures for 3 credit hours, Understanding the Creative Arts for 3 credit hours, Understanding the Individual and Society for 3 credit hours, Understand the Past for 3 credit hours, Understanding U.S. Society for 3 credit hours and Electives for over 24 credit hours.

Besides, the GPA of your course work should come to 2.5 in a 4-point scale. Anyone who falls short of this level will be denied.

International students have to offer some additional materials to meet the admission requirements. By the way, students with F-1 visa are not qualified for the program. For other applicants, I will put TOEFL score first, because English is the first threshold for non-native English speakers to apply for this program. The following part presents the minimum TOEFL scores.

New TOEFL exam – 80 (21 for Writing; 20 for Speaking; 17 for Listening; 19 for Reading)

Old TOEFL exam – 550 (paper version); 213 (computer version)

However, not all international students should provide TOEFL score. It can be waived if these requirements are met:

1. full-time study with two academic years has been completed in a country where English is the native language;

2. two academic years of full-time study has been completed in a school where English is the language of instruction within five years of the proposed date of enrollment in the University;

3. applicants who work in the U.S. or other countries where English is the only official language for at least 12 consecutive months (employment proof is required);

Apart from TOEFL scores, you should also offer: the list of all subjects or courses studied each year, grades or examination results, maximum and minimum grades, certified English translation of all credentials, degrees, certificates, diplomas, official syllabus (English version) describing all course work.

• Bachelor of Science in Nursing – RN to BSN Online Degree

Official transcripts and current RN license issued in the U.S. are needed when you apply for this program. An official transcript refers to the transcript that is certified as a true copy by an official of the educational institution, an embassy official or an appropriate government official, and that is sent directly by the issuing institution to University of Illinois at Chicago in a sealed envelope.

Plus, overall GPA score should not be less than 2.75 which will decrease to 2.5 for natural science. As for international students, TOEFL scores are also necessary.

Applicants should also complete 57 credit hours on Specific Courses and General Education Courses. In the case of Specific Courses, you should complete 6 semester hours for English Composition I & II, 4 or 5 semester hours for General Chemistry, 4 or 5 semester hours for Organic or Biochemistry, 4 semester hours for Human Anatomy, 4 semester hours for Human Physiology, 4 semester hours for Microbiology, 3 semester hours for Nutrition and 3 semester hours for Life Span Human Growth and Development.

Online Master’s Degree Programs

• Master of Science in Health Informatics

You will receive the first-rate online courses through this program accredited by CAHIIM. GRE is not required.

• Master of Education in MESA

MESA refers to Measurement Evaluation Statistics and Assessment. The Master of Education in MESA is designed to help those who wish to broaden their knowledge and technical skills, who expect to get a PhD in this area or who want to improve their research after getting a PhD.

To achieve your goal, you get yourself approved by providing two copies of official transcripts from your university, three letters of recommendation from current or former professors or supervisor, and a goal statement. And a phone interview with a UIC faculty member MAY be required as well.

Besides, two GRE score copies should be submitted, one of which have to be sent to the UIC Office of Admissions and Records, and the other should be sent to the UIC College of Education. If you took the exam before November 2011, your score should be more than 1000. Suppose you took it after that, your score should not be less than 300.

When it comes to international students, the minimum score for TOEFL is as same as that for Bachelor of Business Administration Degree. And the minimum score for IELTS should be 6.5, among which the minimum score for listening, writing, reading and speaking is 6, respectively.

• Master of Engineering

If you want to participate in this program, you should at least obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in a relevant field, for instance, computer science, math, or physics. During the undergraduate learning, you should complete at least 90 quarter hours, and GPA score has to reach 4 on a 5-point scale grading during the last 60 semester hours.

Providing you can’t satisfy these requirements, you will also be approved as long as you have some professional experience in this academic area.

• Master of Health Professions Education

First things first, a Bachelor’s Degree in this field or a related field should be earned before your application for Master of Health Professions Education Online Program. If you don’t have such a degree, you might be considered as long as you have some relevant experience.

Official transcripts, a goal statement, and three recommendation letters are also needed in the application process. GPA score should not be less than 3.75 on a 5-point scale or 3 on a 4-point scale.

International students should submit TOEFL or IELTS score report. The minimum score limits are as same as those for Master of Education in MESA.

• Master of Science in Patient Safety Leadership

You need to provide official transcripts, two recommendation letters, a resume, and a goal statement (less than seven hundred words) to participate in this online program. Apart from your Bachelor’s Degree in this discipline earned after the graduation, your GPA score should be at least 2.75 on a 4-point scale during the final 60 credit hours.

As an international student, you should submit TOEFL score report and your official academic records should be translated in English by a translator from ATA – the American Translators Association.

• Master of Public Health in Health Policy and Administration

Your GPA score should be at least 2.75 on a 4-point scale, and a score near 3.0 is better. GRE score should be at least 1000, if you took the exam before August 1, 2011. Suppose you took the exam after August 1, 2011, your GRE score should be at least 300. International students are also considered if you meet the minimum requirement for TOEFL score (see above).

The eligible requirements of Master of Public Health in Public Health Informatics are the same as those of Master of Public Health in Health Policy and Administration.

Online Doctor’s Degree Programs

• Doctor of Nursing Practice

To be admitted, you should obtain a Master’s Degree in nursing from an accredited program. The minimum GPA is 3.0 on a 4-point scale for the final 60 hours of Bachelor’s Degree. You should take the Graduate Record Examination, which cannot be waived, within 5 years before the application.

In addition, introductory courses in statistics and in research should also be completed, and a Professional Registered Nurse license should be obtained from Illinois State.

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