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Connections Academy: Free Accredited Online High School for Homeschooled Students

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More and more teens choose online high schools every year. When compared with traditional brick and mortar high schools, online high schools allow teens to study at their own pace.

Flexibility is the major reason for teens with unusually busy schedules to choose online programs. A wide variety of high school programs are offered online to address the increasing needs. When choosing the right program for your online studies, you may need to consider several factors, including accreditation, admission requirements and tuition.

Is it possible to choose an online high school that best combines all these factors? It’s not a daydream to select a tuition-free accredited online high school to earn your diploma. One good example is Connections Academy’s comprehensive online high school program.

An Overview of Connections Academy

The Connections Academy program is a form of free public school, allowing students in grades K-12 to receive education outside the walls of a traditional classroom. The program has online schools in various U.S. states, such as Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Ohio, Texas and Indiana etc.

Once enrolled in the Connections Academy online high school program, students will be able to learn online with maximum convenience and freedom. This free online public school program combines strong parental involvement with flexible learning environment to maximize learners’ potential.

Connections Academy has received accreditation from AdvancED. This is an organization that represents about 27,000 public and private schools and districts home and abroad. Many of the Connections Academy schools in local states are regionally accredited. For example, Arizona Connections Academy is accredited by the North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement.

Thanks to the accreditation, Connections Academy online high school graduates may gain admission to leading colleges and universities across the United States, like Boston University, Carnegie Mellon University and United States Air Force Academy. Whether you’re planning to attend college or pursue careers after graduation, Connections Academy can prepare you for the future.

In order to supervise your study, Connections Academy may arrange an adult learning coach to assist your day-to-day activities. Your learning coach is typically your parent or another family member. Parent involvement will be helpful to your online learning.

At Connections Academy, each student can receive individualized instruction. With the help of your learning coach, your teacher will work out an individual learning plan for you. Instruction will be conducted through various formats, like via the Internet, by telephone and by mail. As for your learning resources, possible curriculum sources include print textbooks, lesson plans and workbooks.

As a rapidly growing form of free public school, Connections Academy provides comprehensive curriculums for elementary, middle school and high school students. To prepare students for the rigors of higher education, a college-preparatory curriculum is also available. Thus students can access many honors and Advancement Placement courses.

Features of Connections Academy’s Virtual High School Curriculum

Since Connections Academy online high school program is a nice alternative to brick-and-mortar schools, a comprehensive high school curriculum is delivered. Under the curriculum, a large array of high school courses are offered to lay a solid foundation for graduates. Let’s see what kinds of courses are available to high school students.

• Core courses and elective courses: Connections Academy prepares an inclusive set of core courses. You can opt for subjects in science, social studies, language arts and math. Based on students’ interest, many elective courses are also created. Possible selections include foreign language, journalism, art history and digital technology.

• College courses: Connections Academy allows online learners to take college courses while still in high school. However, college courses are only available to online students in certain states. Check out the regulations in your state. Then you might be able to earn high school and college credit simultaneously if college courses are available in your state.

• Honors and AP courses: Honors and Advance Placement courses are specially created for college-bound students. If you’re an ambitious student and want to demonstrate mastery in a specific subject area, consider honors and AP courses as well. Connections Academy online high school curriculum consists of various college board-approved AP courses, let’s say, AP art history, AP biology, AP environmental science and AP psychology.

All high school courses provided through Connections Academy are taught by certified teachers. Few people know that many core courses are approved by the NCAA Eligibility Center, including English courses, social sciences courses, mathematics courses and natural/physical science courses. In addition to these courses, many other language courses are also approved by the NCAA Eligibility Center, such as French, Japanese, German, Chinese, Spanish and Latin.

You may be worried about the quality of online high school courses at Connection Academy. You can totally rest assured that all core subjects under the curriculum are taught by highly qualified and certified teachers. These teachers have expertise in their relevant content areas. One distinct feature of Connection Academy is that you have the freedom to work together with your counselor and teachers to make your personal learning plan for academic progress and post-secondary planning.

Online instruction at Connections Academy also puts focus on student exchange and interaction. Despite the fact that most online courses are asynchronous, students are also highly encouraged to take part in the live online virtual classroom environment via the LiveLesson technology.

After the completion of the online courses, graduates may choose to attend a college or directly find a job. Connections Academy also provides various forms of assistance for graduating class of seniors. Graduates will have access to a full-time, certified school counselor, who can help prepare for the transition out of virtual high school. The counselor can assist you in creating a four-year academic plan for your college education.

Connections Academy is also dedicated to providing professional guidance for graduates to help find appropriate college or career opportunities. Your official transcripts will be offered for your college admission free of charge. You’ll be able to have free access to college admission test preparation online courses as well.

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