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Cornell University For-Credit Online Courses & Professional Development

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Established in 1865, Cornell University is a private endowed university with federal land-grant for certain educational missions.

Over the century-plus years, Cornell University has grown into a large residential research university, consisting of 14 colleges and schools, providing 70 undergraduate majors and 93 graduate fields of study.

Admittedly, attending on-campus classes with fellow students at Cornell University would get you well prepared for the life’s journey, however, chances are that you are not able to take courses at brick-and-mortar classrooms with other students. Maybe that is because you are full-time employees, single parents, or have babies to take care of.

However, you should not let these things keep you from attending classes, earning school credits, or updating yourself with the latest knowledge in your career field. Cornell University understands that you are striving to balance between study and personal affairs. To do you a favor, its School of Continuing Education provides online learning programs, helping you earn a degree or advance professional skills with your home ease.

After enrolling into Cornell University online education, wherever you are, whatever schedule you work, you can take classes and learn on your own pace. Currently, online learning opportunities available at Cornell University fall into two large categories:

• For-credit courses

• Professional development

So, no matter you are taking online courses to earn credits, or enhance your professional skills, Cornell University School of Continuing Education will be here to help you. There are many courses included in both categories, ranging from applied economics and management to history of art, from communication to biomedical science, from healthcare to business. Now follow my steps to see details for both for-credit courses and professional training.

I. For-Credit Courses

If it is difficult for you to adapt to the schedules of traditional campus-based course but you want to earn credit, I’d like to recommend Cornell University for-credit online learning program to you.

Most of these online courses are delivered over the internet through the web-based learning system – Blackboard. You are allowed to complete your assignments and exams on your own schedule but within the defined time frame.

Many people tend to think that online learning provides less interaction between students and instructors. Well, maybe this is true for other online colleges or universities, but never for Cornell. You can communicate with your instructors and fellow students by phone, email, as well as by discuss boards.

Most online for-credit courses at Cornell University are provided during Winter and Summer Sessions. There are slight differences for courses in Winter Session and Summer Session. For instance, courses of Caribbean Dialogs, Literature, Politics and Genocide in Cambodia, Winemaking Basics for Home Winemaker, and Global Business Management are only available for Summer Session.

For detailed courses list, you can visit and click Winter courses or Summer courses.

II. Professional Development

Are you a professional who would like to acquire new knowledge and enhance your skills? Would you like to go further and higher in your professional career? If you answer is Yes, you can consider Cornell University professional development courses or training programs.

Currently, Cornell University online credit-bearing courses are available for professionals in communications, business and finance, and healthcare. These courses, though not offering you a degree or certificate upon your completion, update you with the newest knowledge and skills in your field.

If you are communicators, you can consider:

• Marketing (Summer)

• Marketing (Winter)

• Principles of Public Relations and Advertising (Summer)

If you are business and finance professions, you can consider:

• Introductory Microeconomics (Summer)

• Introductory Microeconomics (Winter)

• Introductory Statistics (Summer)

• Business in Emerging Markets (Winter)

• Business in the European Union (Summer)

If you are healthcare professionals, you may consider:

• Nutrition, Health, and Society (Summer)

Plus, Cornell University, keeping your professional needs in mind, provides customized professional training programs to help your companies or organization stay up-to-date in this rapidly changing world.

Besides via online learning technologies, these training programs can take place at Cornell campus, at corporate sites, or other various locations. No matter you would like to improve the productivity, reduce your business costs, or learn skills and knowledge, Cornell experienced and friendly staff and faculty will help you design a program that meets your specific needs.

For professional courses or training, you can contact Cornell Professional Studies Department at 607-255-7259, or send email to

Well, you might wonder if there is any specific requirement on eligibility for Cornell University online courses. Actually, you don’t have to be a Cornell student in order to take online courses offered by School of Continuing Education, regardless of they are during Winter or Summer Sessions. Cornell online learning programs are open for anyone who finds coming to campus is not a good option.

To get the most out of your online education, you should feel comfortable with learning via the internet, be self-motivated and self-disciplined, and have good time-management skills. According to a survey, students that excel in online learning are generally well organized, independent, as well as self-responsible.

By the way, there are technical requirements on Cornell University online courses. Your hardware and software must meet the specified requirements if you want to take classes online. As I said above, most online courses by Cornell are delivered through Blackboard. Your web browser and browser setting must be in accordance with the following requirements.

Web Browsers:

• Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 (Standard Mode Only)

• Microsoft Internet Explorer 7

• Mozilla Firefox 3.5x

• Mozilla Firefox 3.0x

• Apple Safari Web Browser for Mac OS 10.4 and later

Brower Settings:

• JavaScript-enabled

• Cookies-enabled

For certain courses, your instructors might have additional requirements on browser plug-ins.

Note: This web site is not affiliated with or connected to Cornell University. For accurate and professional information, go to Cornell University official site.

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