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Cornell University Online Certificate Programs for Foodservice Management

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Do you have a heart for foodservice management rather than in the cooking?

Or are you in a manager position faced with the ever-growing challenge of managing foodservice in a restaurant, bar, club, and other similar establishments that provide food and beverage to customers? If so, join Cornell University online certificate programs in foodservice management and take your ability to a higher level!

The online certificate programs in foodservice management are provided by Cornell University’s School of Hotel Administration. These programs aim to equip the professionals in foodservice area with fundamental knowledge and practical skills on foodservice operations, helping them succeed and enhance career advancement in today’s business environment.

Even if you already have a higher degree in foodservice management, earning additional credentials will ensure you more opportunities and better career prospects.

eCornell certificate programs online for foodservice managers come in two levels: Foodservice Management Certificate and Master Certificate in Foodservice Management. Choose the program for you based on your own needs and your current position in foodservice.

Lower-level: Foodservice Management Certificate

For foodservice professionals in hotels, chain or independent restaurants, and other hospitality establishments.

Since the restaurant industry is increasingly growing, the requirements on the functions of foodservice managers are growing as well. Today’s foodservice managers need to perform jobs in nearly every aspect of business, like business administration and operation, revenue management, HR, employee training, marketing, customer services, etc.

As one of the nation’s most sought-after hospitality schools, the School of Hotel Administration of Cornell provides you with the critical knowledge and skills needed for the success in foodservice operation. The curriculum includes the functions of foodservice management and expertise on systems approach to food production through the integration of menu planning, food purchasing, storage, production and delivery.

Meanwhile, you will learn how to positively impact the revenue based on navigating the customer flow, dining time, table mix, meal duration and variable pricing. To enhance your foodservice operation’s quality and reputation, you will also acquire strategies on how to improve the efficiency through appropriate human resources management, financial management and premier customer services.

This online professional program contains 5 courses, with the total cost of &4,200 per person. In order to get the certificate, you must complete all these courses successfully, including:

• Meeting the Challenges of Foodservice Management

• Foodservice Management: Marketing, Service, and HR Systems

• Foodservice Management: Menu Planning and Marketing, and Merchandising Strategies

• Foodservice Management: Control Systems and Related Systems

• Introduction to Restaurant Revenue Management

Upper-Level: Master Certificate in Foodservice Management

For foodservice professionals in hotels, restaurants and other hospitality facilities, who are looking for the opportunities to advance career development and stay current with the up-to-date knowledge and skills in foodservice management.

This higher-level certificate program from Cornell University provides you with in-depth understanding on all aspects involved in foodservice management, service systems, sales, marketing, revenue management, and customer service for instance.

Through this program, you will learn the strategies and develop the skills needed for an aspiring foodservice manager or a high-level manager in foodservice, such as how to increase the profit by improving human resources and financial management, or by optimizing the dining time and adjusting the pricing.

The program includes 16 core courses, ranging from team dynamics and management to services culture and table mix. Besides, you can choose the electives in marketing or financial management to make your study best suit your career goals.

As for the price, the entire program costs $12,600. Admittedly, this is a big “purchase.” If you are currently financially strapped and can not pay the tuition in full, you can enroll into eCornell Payment Plan to pay the amount over a longer term.

With the Payment Plan, you just need to pay $750 initially and thereafter make low monthly payments with your credit cards. There is no interest on the remaining balance and no credit checks as well.

To make sure you can receive online courses successfully, your computer must meet a series of technical requirements. First, your computer must run one of following operating systems:

• Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, or 7

• Apple Mac OS X 10.3 or later

Your web browser must be any of the following:

• Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 or later

• Mozilla Firefox 2.0+

• Safari 3.0+

In addition, your computer must have Adobe Flash Play 9 or later, Adobe Reader 7 or later, as well as sound capability.

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