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Cornell University Online Certificate Programs in Human Resources

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Looking for an opportunity to enhance your leadership skills and learn core principles on human resources – without a break of your current schedule?

Cornell University online certificate programs in HR management are right for you.

In today’s businesses and organizations, HR managers and professionals play important and active roles, particularly to those mid- to large-size companies. They are responsible for hiring, training and maintaining qualified, competent, and motivated employees, as well as supporting and managing the current personnel.

To qualify for a position in human resources industry, you, at least, should have a bachelor’s degree. However, if you are already a professional in human resources, but want to keep yourself updated with the latest knowledge and skills and further show your employers, your peers, as well as the employees that you are committed to staying current in this area, earning an HR certificate will be a career-long investment.

Cornell University online HR certificate programs are specifically designed for busy HR professionals who could not learn and advance their skills at common schedules. These programs, provided by eCornell, the registered professional online provider for professional certification programs, are completely delivered online, without requirements on campus-based attendance. So, you can complete the courses at any time, at any place, at your convenience.

Accreditation: eCornell is an approved provider of Human Resource Certificate Institution (HRCI), an international-recognized certifying organization for people working in the field of human resources.

Next, I would like to give you an outline on eCornell online certificate programs in HR. If you feel unsatisfied with your current HR management skills and want to stay competitive with more credentials, here comes your chance!

1. Advanced Certificate in Strategic HR Management

We know that today’s HR managers have to perform a variety of jobs that have grown beyond their traditional functions in the field of human resources. Besides dedicated commitment to the HR responsibilities, you need to have excellent ability in organization leadership and bigger-picture decisions.

Then to keep current with the ever-growing demand on HR performance, you need the in-depth knowledge and skills in areas like succession management, employee engagement, performance metrics, departmental restruction, etc.

Designed for HR managers and directors who want to strengthen their skills in human resources, this program is focused on how to think and make decisions with strategies as a leader in the HR department. Also, you will learn how to impose positive impact with HR strategies on business or organization outcomes.

This online certificate program consists of six courses, each of which is approved for 6 Strategic Management recertification credit hours towards SPHR and GPHR through HRCI. The courses include:

• Human Resources Leadership

• Aligning HR Strategy with Organization Strategy

• Diversity and Inclusion for Bottom-Line Performance

• Building a Talent Management Culture

• Measuring HR’s Impact

• Employee Engagement

The price for these six courses is $4,200 in total. When you complete the program, you will receive an Advanced Certificate in Strategic HR Management Certificate awarded by Cornell University.

2. Executive Certificate in HR Leadership

This is an elite graduate-level online program for HR managers, directors, VPs, as well as HR professionals who are already in executive-level positions. It is provided by the Cornell University’s School of Industrial & Labor Relations, helping boost your business leadership skills and enhance your ability to give positive influences on your HR department’s or organization’s business decisions.

This program includes 6 courses, including:

• Application into Practice

• Strategic HR Practices

• Managing for Execution

• Changing Leadership

• Managing Global Employment Issues and Work Practices

• HR Management Faculty Webcast

The curriculum is well designed to put what you would learn into practice. After completing this program, you will master a wide range of HR strategies, develop leadership skills, learn effective negotiation techniques, and gain a better understanding on how to play your role during organizational changes.

Upon your completion, you will receive an Executive Certificate in Human Resources Leadership from Cornell University, plus 9 graduate credits. In addition, you will be provided with 0.6 Continuing Education Units by the School of Industrial and Labor Relations. You can apply for the Units when you successfully complete all courses.

3. Master Certificate in Human Resources

This certificate program is designed for high-level HR professionals, equipping them with wide yet in-depth knowledge and skills in the field of human resources, preparing them to be a “total package,” able to work under various situations.

Whether you desire to learn targeted skills or cultivate much broader expertise, this program will help you. Through this program, you may be able to make greater contribution to your business or organization, advance your career prospects and gain the flexibility to adjust yourself to specific HR requirements.

To earn the certification, you need to complete 16 two-week courses in a variety of areas, such as employment law, welfare and legal benefits, retirement, compensation, and performance management.

The price for this program is $12,600. Upon your graduation, you will receive a Master Certification in Human Resources from Cornell’s School of Industrial and Labor Relations.

To enroll into any of online certificate programs above, you can either call 866-326-7635 to speak to an Enrollment Counselor who will help you on the registration, or enroll online through eCornell.

Since the costs for these certificate programs are expensive, you are allowed to take advantage of eCornell Payment Plans to make tuition payments either monthly or bi-weekly through your credit card. But if you choose to pay in full upon the registration, you will save up to 20%!

Meanwhile, discounts are available for US military and veterans, Cornell University alumni, eCornell alumni, as well as the faculty and staff at Cornell University.

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