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Courses-related Matters Explained for UW Online Students

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Though an alternative education model, distance learning still has something in common with its counterpart traditional education.

One example is the unfamiliar feelings new beginners are filled with at the start of the learning process.

Just like freshmen anxious about starting a new page of life, online starters at University of Washington must be confused about the whole distance learning thing. Questions and inquiries must be spinning you around. All right, no more psychic hints, let’s get to the point: you need information. You need to know how the registration works; what kind of materials you will receive; how the exams are arranged and anything that is related to a smooth, worry-free start.

And here are some of your answers. For more info, contact UW or visit its website. You can also sign up to keep in contact with everything going on there.


First of all, check your course page. Instructions for registration are included under the Apply tab on the page. Detailed info about registration for your program is also displayed. You’ll just need to click and browse.

Then, get documents. At the time of registration, you will be asked to provide documentation that verifies the stated prerequisites for your credit courses. Therefore, get ready the documentation in advance. Include it in your registration form. For students completing prerequisite courses at the UW, state your student number so that your prerequisites can be verified.

You can register for courses with prerequisites by mail or fax. Or, if it is convenient, you can just come over to the UW.

Contact the advising office at 543-6160 for advice in course requirements or pre-requites.

Thirdly, understand the payment policy at the UW. Fees are charged at registration. Don’t bill your fees. The exception is third-party payers within the States who have a purchase order or letter of authorization. The UW accepts payment by Visa or MasterCard. For returned checks, there is a 25-dollar service fee.

Lastly, give your Social Security Number and birth date. Your Social Security Number is required by federal law for tax credit purposes. As to your birth date, it is required if you enroll in credit courses.


Three questions about materials are answered here.

– What are the materials sent to you?

Along with your online learning courses, you will receive a Transaction Summary. It gives instructions on how to log onto the course website. Supplemental materials accompanying the course are also included.

– When will you receive your materials?

Materials are sent to you by mail within 24 hours after registration. You can contact Online Support Staff in case you haven’t received your materials a week or longer after your registration.

– How to request refunds?

To request refunds for the cost of course supplemental materials, keep these in mind. First the materials must be in new condition. Secondly, you need to attach a written refund request. Lastly, return the two to UW Professional & Continuing Education no later than the 30th day of your enrollment.


Yeah, exams are still a part of learning, even it is distant education. And in most cases, you have to take the exams at one of UW’s testing centers.

– The items you are going to take to the exam

Your picture ID and money for the testing fee are required. Some courses allow the use of tools like calculators. Can you use a computer? Well, you can, if it has been approved as a disability accommodation.

– To reschedule your exam

In the case where you don’t appear for your testing date, you’ll need to reschedule your exam. But make sure your course has not expired first.

To reschedule, contact the Online Learning Support Staff.

– If you can’t take your exam at one of UW’s testing centers

You have to find a proctor, instead. Your choices abound: University Testing Center; Faculty member or administrator at an accredited college or university; Head librarian; Learning Center; High School superintendent, principal, counselor, administrator; Corporate education director; Commissioned officer having a rank higher than your won; U.S. embassy or consular office; the Online learning department of member institutions of the National University Continuing Education Association.

Whatever the case, co-worker, relative or friend can not serve as a proctor.

Upon the finish of an open-note exam, your proctor will collect your notes for exam security purpose. Check your course to see if the exam is open note since if it is, you have to make a copy of your notes before the exam.

– To view the results of your exam

Notice of your grade plus comments from your instructor will be sent to you after he has graded the exam. The exam, which can not be returned to you directly, is held for two months at the Online Learning office for your review only.

For those living outside the Seattle area, they can have the exam sent to their proctors. You are allowed to review the exam only if under their supervision within 30 days after they receive it. After the 30-day review period, the exam will have to be returned to the Online Learning.

Incompletes & Withdrawals

In the case where you can not complete course as scheduled, you will have to request an Incomplete or Withdrawals.

– Incompletes

Request an Incomplete when you need more time to complete the course. But that does not mean you can just have an Incomplete whenever you are behind the schedule. Only illness or circumstances beyond your control can qualify you for that.

– Withdrawal

You can not withdraw from a course with less than three weeks left before the expiration date. Each academic year you can withdraw up to one UW course. For every course you drop, there is the grade W assigned.

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