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How to Make the Cut with Distance Education

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Having been the talk of the town for decades, distance education is nothing new.

It opens doors for many students, especially those who have demanding lifestyle and who cannot afford to pay for the high fees for full-time courses.

Earning a degree at the comfort of your home and the self-paced learning schedule seems tempting and enjoyable. But, as everything goes, distance education is not for everyone. There are e-learners who thrive on the independence offered by online education as well as those who wish they had enrolled at a traditional school instead.

To make the cut with distance education, there are certain rules you may want to understand.

Common misunderstanding about Distance Education

• Distance education is easier

Actually, distance education course are no less rigorous as on-campus courses. What’s more, its formats usually require more writing and reading than traditional forms.

• Distance education does not work.

Many people doubt the quality of distance education. They believe that working on a computer can’t get them anywhere. The fact is, distance education works just fine, if not better than traditional schools. The courses, resources used for distance learning are similar to that of traditional schools. Teaching faculty is no less experienced.

• Distance education costs more.

What do you need to carry on distance learning? A computer with internet access, which does not cost much. You don’t have to buy text books, since they can be downloaded or printed. What’s still better, commuting fee can be saved, because you don’t have to go back and forth to the campus.

Follow the example of successful e-learners

If you take a closer look to successful learners, you will find that they share a few characteristics.

• They are strict with themselves.

They are actively self-motivated; they can complete every assignment without being supervised by a teacher. They won’t get dizzy with the independent learning style distance education offers. In some cases, distance learners work even harder.

• They do what needed to be done

Putting off till tomorrow what they can do today is something successful learners refuse. They have a clear idea of what procrastination can end up with. They don’t fool around; if possible, they go ahead of their learning process.

• They are self-disciplined.

Distance learning does not have prescribed requirements on attendance. This, in a sense, opens doors for those desirous of playing hooky. However, successful learners never abuse this kind of independence. They stay focused on studying; they won’t sacrifice precious learning time. Mastering time management skills is the first lesson they learn.

• They make use of resources provided.

To improve learning quality, most online schools provide lots of learning resources, including supplementary resources, for students to use. These resources are a great help to distance learners. So if you feel like making a difference with distance learning, be sure to make full use of them.

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