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Does an Online MBA Program Help Career Take-Off

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Now most of us are living a busy life and cannot spare enough time to further our study.

But we always have to work on ourselves to advance our career. Now a good alternative is to take an online MBA program. However, can an online MBA program really help your career take off? Obviously yes!

Why opt for an online MBA program?

Online MBA programs have become a popular option for business professionals who do not have the time or desire to attend regular classes. Usually there’re two kinds of online MBA programs: 100% online programs and blended learning programs.

As for 100% online programs, all MBA classes are available online completely. There’re also some blended MBA learning programs, which combine online learning with face-to-face instruction. It means that you must attend some classes on campus.

No matter which program you choose, an online MBA degree can give you a broad range of career choices. If you’d like to know the reasons why the number of online MBA students is increasing rapidly, I’ll explain to you from three aspects.


MBA is always closely related with high salary. An online MBA can bring you terrific career mobility and advancement. If you meet bottleneck in your career, it will be a nice choice to attend an online MBA program to build new skills for an advanced job.

Typically an online MBA degree can double your earnings. After completing an online MBA program, you’ll be more likely to qualify for senior positions in management, finance, human resources and consulting and more.


Online MBA programs are much the same as traditional programs. Online MBA students will have to complete all required courses and assignments before the deadline. Generally, all learning materials and assignments are sent via e-mail from their professors.

Unlike traditional MBA programs, campus attendance is not necessarily required. But the program also varies with each school. You may be required to finish the paper or exams in person on campus upon graduation.

A relevant internship is also essential if you’re getting an online MBA. With the completion of the practice program, you’ll be able to receive incentives, which may bring you a job promotion.

For the Crowd

Online MBA is not suitable for everyone. Almost each school requires a bachelor’s degree certificate for online MBA applicants. Online students must be independent and motivated to complete the online MBA courses.

Perhaps online MBA programs are perfect for people with obligations on jobs or families. Taking MBA courses online gives them the flexibility on learning time arrangements.

Now you must be clear about the reasons why so many people choose online MBA programs. As we know, many online MBA students seek to increase their salaries and boost their career prospects through the program. Does an online MBA program really help our career take-off? Now let’s see whether an online MBA can help reach your expectations.

Generally, online MBA degrees are recognized by employers as well. That’s to say, an online MBA degree can give you plenty of opportunities for career advancement. Employers always prefer candidates with an MBA degree.

As all online MBA programs require the completion of same courses as traditional MBA programs, the new skills and knowledge gained can help push your career to a new level. Another factor also determines whether or not your career can take off after you graduate from an online MBA program, namely your school and program rankings.

If you choose a famous school for your online MBA studies, you’re more likely to get prompted. An online MBA may reward you a high return in your prosperous future.

An online MBA program can help your career only when you choose accredited schools. Your online MBA degrees won’t be recognized by any employer if you attend an unaccredited school. Choose from accredited online MBA programs that have received designation from trusted and respected business organizations, such as the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business.

If you have no idea of which to choose, several top online MBA schools are given as reference.

University of Phoenix

The University of Phoenix MBA program is designed for students who are interested in entering or advancing their careers in business. This MBA program is nationally accredited by the Accreditation Council of Business Schools and Programs.

You can enroll in this online program and develop in-demand leadership skills wherever you are. The MBA program requires 36-54 credit hours. University of Phoenix also makes it possible to choose a MBA program that’s better tailored to your current and future career, interest and skills. You can choose MBA with a concentration in accounting, energy management, healthcare management or project management.

University of North Carolina

Another good choice is the MBA@UNC. With this innovative online program, worldwide working professionals are able to earn an MBA degree online. The online MBA program is delivered through UNC’s prestigious Kenan-Flagler Business School.

During the degree-earning learning process, you will get to know how to develop strategic insights and managerial abilities to lead top organizations worldwide. To enroll into the NBA@UNC, you must meet some requirements, such as the presence of a bachelor’s degree and two years of professional work experience. Of course, an interview is essential.

Northeastern University

Northeastern University provides MBA degree program in a convenient online format. After you graduate from the online MBA program, you’ll obtain abilities to expand managerial skills & knowledge base and put your new learning in your place of work.

Through giving you the skills and experience, the Northeastern online NBA program can increase your success chances by taking on the most complex leadership roles. You’re allowed to choose from various specializations to strength your MBA degree, including finance, healthcare management, marketing, international management and high tech management etc.

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