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Empower Career Opportunity with Walden University B.S. in Public Health

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The continuous economic woes create enormous challenges to all of us.

This is especially true with college graduates. They find, to their great disappointment, the employment circumstances tough. All these pose a question for would-be college students: what are the extremely active degrees?

Meanwhile, distance education continues to grow vigorously with a steady rise in enrollment. If you are more interested in learning online to boost your career opportunities, there are two things you should get a clear idea of: what the career-oriented degree programs offered are and what kind of university is offering them?

Actually, those can be simply answered with Public Health from Walden University. On one hand, recent legislation and national initiatives are designed to tackle the severe staff shortage in public health. For instance, the federal government has set Health People 2020 as its health objective, calling attention to the great needs in establishing and funding health undergraduate majors and professional programs.

On the other hand, Walden University, a leading accredited online university with experience in distance education, has been offering quality degree programs in public health ranging from bachelor to master to doctor.

How about taking a look at B.S in Public Health from Walden, the entry to higher learning in public health?

Program objective

Targeting at adult learners, B.S in public health is to get them prepared for applying public health knowledge and skills to practice.

During the course, students will engage themselves with issues involved in population health and healthcare systems. Notable ones include environmental health, disease prevention, health informatics, global health and ethics.

Upon graduation, students are expected to be equipped with public health professionalism so that they can contribute to the facilitation of a healthy, productive and safe society.

General program required for B.S. in Public Health

General program is designed to help you get familiar with public health policy, which comes with issues ranging from disaster prevention and relief to disease control and containment.

For the B.S. in Public Health, these courses are compulsory: COMM 1001, ENHL 1001, STAT 3001, BIOL 1001 or BIOL 2320, SOCI 4080.

To complete this program, students are required to have 181 credit hours in total, which are distributed like this

– Foundation course (1 credit)

– General education courses (45 credits)

– Core courses (80 credits)

– Elective courses (50 credits)

– Capstone course (5 credits)

It is understandable that the time to complete the courses vary from students to students, since each student has his learning pattern and pace and the credits transferred also vary. And by the way, while students can transfer up to 135 credits, they must complete at least 45 credits at Walden.

The full chart of courses and credits is available at


Currently, Walden offers 8 concentrations, which are

– Child Development

The importance of health education in a child’s early years speaks for itself. The Child Development concentration is to help you get a clear idea of the relation between a child’s cultural, familial, and communal surroundings and his health development. You will have the opportunity to work with communities and policymakers to gain the knowledge and skills necessary for child development.

– Disaster and Emergency Management

In the wake of a natural or man-made disaster, if prepared with skills and understanding of the phases of disaster and emergency management process, practitioners can reduce risk and expedite recovery efforts. This is exactly what this concentration is to prepare you with.

Besides, you will be able to learn risk-reducing and disaster-prevention measures useful in the long run, and relief efforts and resource mobilization methods.

– Health and Cultural Diversity

Firstly, this concentration guides you through sociocultural factors like ethnicity, culture, religion, and education, which all play a role in health. Then, there is coursework designed as back-up to assist you in your contribution to social change. Whether it is by respecting, valuing or understanding, during the course, you will have a different perspective of the beliefs and norms of cultural groups.

– Health Communication

Equip yourself with public relations strategies so that you can advocate public health awareness on a higher level. You will learn the basics in communication theory as well as the impacts of media planning, new media and technology on health information.

– Health Informatics

Learning to meet practical needs, that is what this concentration is about. Here, it is applying information technology to public safety, health delivery system and information sharing among healthcare professionals. Knowledge related to public health like technology safeguards and ethical and legal issues will also get involved.

Here I can only give a briefing on the concentrations and program offered. For more info, you can either visit Walden’s website or call an enrollment advisor by 1-866-492-5336.

Note: This web site is not affiliated with or connected to Walden University. For accurate and professional information, go to Walden University official site.

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