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Free Online Classes at MIT and Utah State University

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Online learning makes it possible to take classes at anytime, from anywhere.

There’s no time limit for completing online classes. Many of us mistakenly think that high quality education always has to come at a high cost. Now you’re likely to get free online courses from the world’s leading universities. It won’t cost you a penny if you’re interested in taking online classes from big name universities, like UC Berkeley, Yale and MIT. Here free online classes from two universities will be introduced.

MIT OpenCourseWare (OCW)

Announced in October 2002, MIT OpenCourseWare allows worldwide learners to access MIT undergraduate and graduate course materials online. Serving as a free publication of MIT course materials, MIT OCW offers almost all the undergraduate and graduate subjects that are taught at MIT campus.

• How to register to use MIT OpenCourseWare?

You may be glad to hear that MIT OpenCourseWare does not require registration. Since MIT OCW is not an initiative for degree granting, no registration or enrollment process is required. Just because of that, you cannot get a certificate or earn credit after completing the courses online.

• What is MIT OCW Highlights for High School?

MIT OCW also offers something for high school students and teachers. The Highlights for High School is specially designed for high school teachers and students. Free, open source teaching and learning materials are available through the site. Highlights for High School prepares a lot for learners, such as video lecture clips, exams, lecture notes, practice problems and mini-courses for high school students and more.

• What are available courses?

MIT OCW presents a large array of undergraduate and graduate courses. You can choose from hundreds of free online courses. When searching through the site, you’ll find courses in various fields, such as history, anthropology, architecture, engineering, mathematics, chemistry, physics, economics, political science and biology etc. In order to find the course that you’re interested in, you can browse courses by department.

Please notice that not every course offered through MIT OpenCourseWare has video lectures. But some courses may conclude solutions to your homework assignments, quizzes and exams.

• Are there any technical requirements?

If you want to take advantage of the MIT OCW, there’re some technical requirements. You must have Macintosh, Unix or windows platforms to view and use the sites. MIT OpenCourseWare supports several browsers, including Internet Explorer 7.0+, Safari 5.0+ and Firefox 3.5+. Of course, you must have a computer with Internet connection. High-speed Internet connections are preferred. However, you can still view most materials and access courses on the sites with slower connections, let’s say, 28.8 kbps modems.

Utah State OpenCourseWare

Utah State University also provides free online courses through Utah State OpenCourseWare. People around the world will gain high quality learning opportunities through the site. A collection of educational materials are available in a variety of undergraduate and graduate courses. Worldwide educators, students and self-learners are encouraged to access course materials for free.

• How many courses are available through the initiative?

Online learners can access tons of course materials that are used in the teaching of undergraduate and graduate subjects on campus. You may want to know what courses are available at this time. You will be marveled at the results. USU OCW provides a large number of online courses for free, including biological & irrigation engineering, biology, education, English, history, anthropology, psychology, theatre arts, university extension and electrical & computer engineering etc.

If you want to use course materials or take any courses, no registration process is required. Just like MIT OCW, the Utah State University OCW is not a degree-granting or degree learning initiative. So you cannot get a degree after the completion of courses.

Because of funding issues, video lectures are not offered for each course through Utah State University OCW. Though video lectures are particularly useful for online students, it’s almost impossible to include video lectures in every online course.

If you’re looking for solutions to assignments, quizzes and exams, you may be disappointed because some USU OCW courses have no solutions to homework assignments or exams.

• Is it possible to earn credits through Utah State University OCW?

Utah State University makes it possible to earn college credits through USU OpenCourseWare. If you desire to earn credit for USU courses, a variety of “credit by examination” options will be available, such as

• DANTES Standardized Subject Tests (DSST)

• International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) exam

• College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) exams

• Credit by Advanced Coursework (language credits)

• Credit by Department Examination

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