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Guide for University of Washington Online Courses

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Online courses are the right way to go if you happen to have a busy schedule but still want to further your education.

Like many other universities, the University of Washington now offers a full range of programs and courses that can be taken entirely online or in a blended combination of online and classroom instruction. Each of them will be a nice option for you to fulfill your dream of higher education.

Before you decide whether to take UW online courses, remember to equip yourself with the following basic knowledge which can ensure the smooth processing of your online registration & enrollment and be helpful when you want to obtain financial aid or student loans.

Registration for UW Online Course

Generally, a majority of credit online courses from the UW are open to all students, both matriculated and nonmatriculated. However, if you expect to earn undergraduate credit, you will have no choice but to register for a graduate program. During the enrollment process, your Social Security number and birth date will be needed.

Documentation which can verify the stated prerequisites for online credit courses should be attached to the registration form when you register online, in person or through mail or fax. For students who have completed their prerequisite courses in the UW, things will be much easier. Simply submit your UW student number and your prerequisite verification will be available.

Notice that all students registering for the UW online credit course will be charged $39 as registration fee. It’s nonrefundable. Do remember to register for the courses you choose prior to the first day of each quarter. Otherwise, an additional, nonrefundable $25 late fee will be charged.

Fees and Refund Policies

In addition to the registration fee and basic cost of UW online credit courses, a few other fees may apply. Some courses come with lab fees that are billed separately by the University. The UW allows students to change course or status after the first week of the quarter. But there is a nonrefundable transfer fee, 20 dollars.

Besides, technology and services & activities fees are also a portion of the cost of online learning. Technology fee, for the use of computer, internet and dial-up telephone services etc, is refundable and charged according to the number of credit courses you have enrolled in. S&A fee varies by your student status as well as the number of credits for which you have enrolled. Generally, it’s about 24 to 152 dollars each quarter.

In the case that the course your have registered for is cancelled by the UW Online, all fees charged in regard to the course will be refunded within 3 weeks. If you make the payment through a third-party payer, the refund check will be issued to the payer.

Note: Veterans enrolling in UW online courses through UW Professional & Continuing Education can enjoy reimbursement of course fees (textbook fees are not included).

Financial Aid

Before you enroll in any online courses from the UW, bear in mind that the university’s financial aid programs are not open to adult students, except these matriculated students who have been formally admitted to the University of Washington. Therefore, if you cannot afford the cost of attendance, you might have to obtain a private student loan from banks or other financial institutions.

Another method is to try obtaining the Segal AmeriCorps Education Award which can provide online learners with enough funds to pay for the education expenses for eligible programs. The program sponsor will help you determine how much you can receive and how long it will take for you to complete your service in AmeriCorps. Once your service ends, you are qualified for the award.

If you’d like to get more details about UW financial aid, you can contact the Office of Financial Aid at 206-543-6101.

Other Services for Online Learners

To smooth your application for UW online courses and enhance your distance learning experience, the University of Washington furnishes a series of services for online learners. You can send an email to if you have any question about credit course selection. Academic advisers will help you figure out which courses are better options to fit with your degree plans.

As for having lunch or dinner in the university, you can use cash or the Husky card, the UW ID card you can get with a deposit of 10 dollars, at UW food service locations. If you are interested in learning foreign languages, the Language Learning Center in Denny Hall on the UW campus is an open center featuring audio and computer-assisted learning programs.

Plus, the UW libraries are also open to students in UW Professional & Continuing Education programs. You will be able to check out all the materials at each library and your Husky card can be used as library card. Do not have a UW ID card? No worries. Get a UW borrower card instead and you will be allowed to borrow books from UW libraries as well.

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