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Multiple Learning Options at Old Dominion University

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There are several things starters or future students should make sure of when it comes to distance learning. [adsnese]One you can not neglect is the distance learning options provided by an educational institution.

Considering the fact that alternative learning models have been intensively used in distance education, there is reason to believe that the mastery of its learning options guarantees, in a sense, the execution and outcome a student is supposed to achieve.

Old Dominion University (ODU) is an institution committed to preparing online students to succeed anywhere. Whether it is in innovative teaching, scholarship or research, ODU is fully and expertly equipped to help online students to achieve success. One effort ODU makes to achieve that goal is to provide an online learning experience that comes with a kit packed with multiple learning options.

Choose one or more among the list as you wish. Let’s see what you can do with these options and what you need to experience them.

Asynchronous learning

This is your key to the door behind which ODU online course material is close at hand. The backbones of ODU’s distance learning experience, these courses are developed by expert faculty and an instructional design team, which ensures the learning quality you expect.

– What you can do with this

First, you can access the courses through ODU’s learning management system. Each course is based on learning objectives and assignments. With the help of tools like e-mail and discussion boards, during the session, you are free to communicate with tutors and fellow students.

The course work can be completed at your pace. But the assignments and exams do have their schedules.

– What you need to do this

You will need technical support including a web cam, audio headset or speakers for live events, high speed internet, flash plug-ins, and a system compatible with PC, Mac, and iOS devices.

Synchronous learning

This is about interaction in class. Learning would be duller and less efficient if it is the one-way input. Research suggests that a lively atmosphere contributes to the academic performance in a classroom.

With that thought in mind, ODU equips distance learning with online synchronous /web conferencing. You will have access to live broadcast, and 2-way chat, audio, or video.

The specifics you need to take advantage of that access include a web cam, audio headset or speakers and microphone, high speed internet, flash plug-ins a system compatible with PC, Mac, and iOS devices. And since class sessions are accessed via a provided course URL, which will be emailed to you from your instructor prior to the start of class, you need an email account.

2-way desktop video conferencing learning

Again, it is synchronous and is designed for interaction in class. Here is how it works. The instructor located in the origination location broadcasts to students through the web. Participating students use 2-way video and audio to receive the broadcasting.

Since there will be users participating at the same time, the live class session is scheduled. The session is capable of holding students from up to 24 extended campus locations along with students taking courses from their computers.

To participate in this video conferencing, you need a web cam, audio headset or speakers and microphone, high speed internet and a system compatible with PCs only.

And there is the URL, the website address leading to the software that supports the progress of the class. Install the URL sent to you by your instructor onto your PC. Then, you are good to go.

Archived video streaming

This is not like other learning options frequently adopted. Archived video streaming is a very limited option which can be used only when a faculty permits from time to time.

If permitted, students are able to watch archived streams of classes following the scheduled live class session.

To use archived video streaming, you are required to have high-speed internet and a system compatible with PC, Mac, and iOS devices. The good news is that it is also available on iPods, iPads, and iPhones.

Portable media asynchronous

Unfortunately, this learning pattern is not applicable to all online students. It is available only to students with specific academic or military experience and training who enroll in programs like

– General Engineering Technology (BEST)

– Mechanical Engineering Technology – Nuclear Option (BEST)

– Health Science – Health Service Administration (BSHS)

– Engineering Management by Portable Media

Fortunately, eligible students can complete the courses from anywhere in the world. Don’t worry about the lectures and supporting materials. They will be sent to you on portable media with accompanying notebooks even if you are watching the Olympic Games in the Olympic Park in London.

As with ODU’s online courses in general, the course you learn from Portable media asynchronous is also developed and tested by expert faculty and an instructional design team from ODU.

Different from learning options explained above, this one does not include synchronous scheduled class meetings. But that doesn’t mean you can not have conversation with the faculty. Whenever needed, the communication is still good to go via email and online discussion boards. In a word, you won’t feel isolated in the course of studying online. Instructors are right at your side.

Another difference worth noting is that courses are scheduled to be completed within a specific time frame. For instance, undergraduate courses have the same semester schedule as regular ODU semesters do. On the contrary, graduate MEM courses are to be completed in a 90-day term.

By the way, the portable media here means CD-ROMs or DVDs.

You’ll need a computer capable of playing CD-ROMs or DVDs and a proctor that administrates tests and exams. More specifics are available if you contact Dr. Bill Gideon at or call 100-800-968-2638.

Besides all the above, there are Hybrid and Practicum/Internship options. The Hybrid combines ODU online technologies which allow you to have class on site or live online. As to the Practicum, it is required that you should personally take part in practical experiences.

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