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Online Childbirth Classes for Parents-to-be

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You and your partner must be experiencing great joys at being parents.

However, are you ready to have a new baby? First-time mothers-to-be always have lots of worries: how to care for a newborn? Is it better to breastfeed or formula-feed? Now there’re various childbirth classes for parents-to-be. These classes will prepare parents for childbirth, breastfeeding, infant care and parenting and more.

Why is it necessary to take childbirth education classes?

Most parents choose to take childbirth classes to prepare for the birth of a new baby. For moms, childbirth classes can help build confidence in labor and delivery. If you’re a mother-to-be, you’ll learn how to identify the signs of labor. Childbirth education classes can also reduce your fears and anxiety. In addition, your partner will also have a better understanding of childbirth during childbirth classes. He’ll know how to support you during labor. Childbirth education classes can bring you many other benefits, including:

• Learn how to cope with pain during labor (breathing techniques, relaxation and massage)

• Brush up on newborn care (diapering, breast-feeding and bathing)

Is it possible to take childbirth classes online?

However, what if you cannot attend the regular childbirth classes at hospitals or training centers? Perhaps, you can consider taking online childbirth classes. Online childbirth classes are popular among busy parents-to-be, who have no time to take traditional classes. These online alternatives would be their first choice.

However, not many childbirth classes are offered online. The reason is quite simple. Online childbirth classes do not have chances for interaction and practice. Many parents still prefer to contact with instructors and other couples in a real classroom, instead of a virtual environment. When there’re no other options, online childbirth classes will be suitable as well. Explore several different online childbirth education classes and choose the one that’s best for you.

Condell Online Childbirth Classes

Serving as the leading provider of comprehensive medical and surgical services in Lake County, Advocate Condell Medical Center is now offering online childbirth preparation classes for expectant parents. These online classes are offered for parents-to-be who cannot attend on-site childbirth classes due to various reasons, like tight work schedules, time constraints and medical conditions.

The 8-part program consists of a series of interactive, Web-based childbirth classes. All classes are delivered online and adopt various forms of teaching techniques, including videos, animations, personal birth stories, activities and stories. The program aims to teach expectant parents all necessary info they need to know to prepare for the birth of a new baby.

Through taking online childbirth classes, parents will get to learn more info about pregnancy, labor and pain relief options. They are expected to have a deeper understanding of medical procedures and Cesarean birth. The course can be taken from the third trimester of pregnancy to 6 weeks after delivery.

If you’re interested in taking the online class, please call 800-323-8622 and register. Condell’s online childbirth education classes are offered with a charge of $100. Then you’ll have 60-day access to the online classes.

Northwest Community Healthcare Online Childbirth Education

Northwest Community Healthcare has a Gift of Motherhood eLearning Childbirth Education Program. The online childbirth education program is targeted towards expectant parents who cannot attend in-person childbirth classes at hospitals due to scheduling conflicts, time constraints or bed rest. However this e-learning program is not exclusively offered for parents-to-be with a busy schedule. Independent learners and repeat parents who just need a refresher can also take the online birthing class.

The web-based interactive classes contain videos, voice-overs, games and animated illustrations.

This online childbirth education program prepares various topics for participants, including:

• Childbirth education and labor support – Moms will learn some basic knowledge on childbirth. Their partners will also have opportunities to learn how to offer support in the right time.

• Labor guide – If you choose hospital birth, you’ll get professional assistance during your delivery.

• Feeding your newborn – Generally two kinds of feeding methods will be introduced, breast-feeding and formula-feeding. The online childbirth program will give you some tips on feeding your newborn.

• Caring for your newborn – Most parents-to-be have no idea of how to care for newborn. Through the online birthing classes, you’ll learn some skills to take good care of your newborn.

• Discomforts of pregnancy – The program also teaches parents how to ease some common discomforts during pregnancy, such as nausea & vomiting, fatigue, varicose veins, bleeding gums, dizziness, backache and stretch marks and more.

• Understanding labor and birth – Professional knowledge will be presented to help parents-to-be to understand labor and birth. Breathing and relaxation techniques will be taught through a class with a certified educator.

In order to take the online childbirth classes, parents must register online. As for the class fees, parents will be charged $100 for 60-day access. Generally, the 60-day period will start from the date of your initial use. After you complete the online registration and make payments for the class, you’ll receive an access code.

As an extra bonus, this online childbirth education program will send an accompanying parent’s handbook to the participants soon after registration. In addition, all parents-to-be are invited to take a tour of the obstetric department. If you have any questions, please call 847-618-4968. Or you can contact one of the nurse educators by e-mail. Quick response will be offered to your questions.

BabyCenter’s Online Childbirth Classes

You may be wondering whether there’re any free online birthing classes. You won’t be disappointed anyway. Try BabyCenter’s online childbirth classes, which are offered totally for free. This 2-hour online childbirth education class is perfect for the following groups of people:

• Women on bed rest

• Second-time parents who just want to take a refresher course

• Expectant parents with busy schedules

The free online class can prepare parents-to-be for labor and birth. Through watching the video class, you’ll be able to learn the signs and different stages of labor. Pain management options are also included in the course. The online childbirth course enables parents to discover the keys to a positive birth experience. In order to take the class, you just need to sign up and log in to your account with email address and password.

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