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Online Degree Programs for Military & Veterans from Old Dominion University

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Knowledge is power. When they are released from military service, there is no better alternative than higher education to prepare military personnel with for their adventure in the changing world. [adsnese]One proof of that theory is the G.I. Bill which includes cash payments of tuition and living expenses to attend college, high school or vocational education.

Out of brimming respect and gratitude for this group of people, Old Dominion University (ODU), a leading “military-friendly” institution, offers military affiliated degree programs that can be attended online. There are even programs specifically designed or recommended for military and veteran students.

What are the programs offered for military and veteran students?

ODU offers both undergraduate and graduate programs.

Undergraduate programs include General Engineering Technology – Electromechanical Systems, Health Science – Health Services Administration concentration and Mechanical Engineering Technology – Nuclear Engineering Technology option. Graduate programs include Engineering Management by Portable Media and Military Career Transition Program.

To fully understand these programs, we’d better get to know them in terms of program objectives, careers, admission requirements, cost and any aspect worth noting.

General Engineering Tech. – Electromechanical Systems

It is for students with military training in mechanical or electrical engineering technology.

– Program objective

It is designed to prepare students with understanding and analysis of the interrelated electrical and mechanical components required in advanced technical systems like automated manufacturing and ship systems.

– Course

There is a minor in Engineering Management and a four-course sequence centering on analytical skills for complex technical and business decision.

– Careers

Electromechanical Systems skills are sought after in areas like Technical services and support, Planet engineering, Production, Research & development, Automation and automated system design and Technical and facilities management.

– Admissions requirements

This program is open to degree-seeking students with ENGL of 110C credit and at least 24 semester hours of military credit in mechanical or electrical engineering technology.

– Cost

It costs 250 dollars per credit hour for navy College Program Distance Learning Partnership students. For details of admissions and tuition, students can contact Dr. Rob Curry at

Health Services Administration concentration

This program helps students with certificates or A.S. degrees in health-related discipline and prior experience strive for further improvement.

Students, especially Navy College health professionals at an E4 level are eligible for this program to receive upper-division advanced educational experiences. Students with related health training from other Armed Services can also apply for it.

– Careers

Careers in this field include Management, Administration, Program planning and management, Policy/Program analysis and Budgeting.

– Admission requirements

This program requires students to complete a separate application to the College of Health Sciences. Documents required with this application include a copy of the professional license, certificate, or college transcript.

– Cost

The tuition for this program varies from students to students.

It is 273 dollars per credit hour for Virginia residents with Virginia domicile and 273 dollars for residents without Virginia domicile. For students living outside of Virginia, it is 769 dollars per credit hour. And Navy College Program Distance Learning Partnership students are able to take this program at 250 dollars per credit hour.

Mechanical Engineering Technology

Available only to graduates of the U.S. Navy Nuclear Power School or Nuclear Operator training at Dominion Energy, this program produces Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology upon completion.

One highlight of this program is its accreditation by the Technology Accreditation Commission of the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology.

Courses related with this program include computer-aided drafting, strength of materials, automation and controls and computer solid modeling. The keynote is the senior project that emphasizes a practical project assignment in the area of students’ interest.

– Careers

This degree can be applied to engineering technology careers include Maintenance management, Facilities operation, System design, HVAC (heating, ventilating and air conditioning) and construction.

– Admission Requirements

Degree-seeking students with ENGL 100C credit and completion of U.S. Navy Nuclear Power School or Nuclear Reactor Operator training at Dominion Energy can apply for this program.

– Cost

Mechanical Engineering Technology shares the same tuition standards as Health Sciences. Students can contact for tuition details. You need to present your identity as a NCPDLP student.

Writer’s words

As we can see from the introduction, distance programs provided by ODU for military personnel are strongly career-oriented. In the course of learning, students will acquire relative knowledge as well as skills and first-hand experience. However, as indicated in the admission requirements, you’d better earn considerable credits and prepare yourself with background knowledge. Hopefully, in that way, the learning process can be expedited and the outcome can be as satisfactory as expected.

As to the tuition, ODU offers special financial aid to military personnel. What’s more, ODU follows regulations set by government and works with organizations to support those serving in the army and their dependents.

Note: This web site is not affiliated with or connected to Old Dominion University. For accurate and professional information, go to Old Dominion University official site.

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