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Getting to Know Online Graduate Courses from Colorado State University

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An online graduate course may be the right choice for you if you are seeking to move forward to update knowledge or sharpen skills.

With more than 40 years of experience in online learning, Colorado State University prepares you with convenient, flexible and premier graduate courses.

What is still better is that, you can choose a course to pursue your educational or professional goals without necessarily being an admitted student to register.

In case that you are not familiar with these graduate courses, we present you this brief guide to online graduate courses in order to help you make a sound choice.

AGRI 500 – Advanced Issues in Agricultural

This course is designed to get you exposed to the wide context of agriculture and issues in this industry. You will learn this course by looking for info online and from other sources on topics posed to you by your instructor.

Topics include genetic engineering, ethics in animal agriculture, food safety, minority influences in the West and other critical issues.

You will have the chance to appreciate the different views involved in the issues confronting agriculture in Colorado and the region.

The instructor is W. Dennis Lamn, a faculty member in the college of Agriculture Sciences at Colorado State and the degree advisor for the distance Master’s Degree in Agriculture Extension Education.

BUS 601 – Quantitive Business Analysis in Business General

This course introduces to you the basic descriptive and inferential statistics in business. It covers the use and management of info; quality control and decision tools and concepts and can be applied towards Business Administration (M.B.A.).

Tuition reduction is open to active-duty military, veterans, employees of corporations with an arranged discount program, civil employees. You are required to contact the MBA Advisors to receive the tuition reduction before registering for this course.

CS 410 – Introduction to Computer Graphics in Computer Science

This course focuses on computer graphics, the science of rendering a model of world to a photo-realistic image. Topics include, but not limited to, geometric modeling, perspective projection, reflectance, illumination, atmospheric effects and anti-aliasing.

You will learn to combine this new knowledge with your accumulated backgrounds in object-oriented programming and linear algebra to build a ray tracer.

MECH 410 – Engineering Economy Principles/Calculations in Mechanic Engineering

This course aims at preparing you with the principles of Engineer Economic analysis and calculations so you can combine the theory and practice to make decision in industry and government.

Topics you may take interest in include cash flows and their patterns and factors, interest and the time value of money, inflation, sunk costs norminal and effective interest rates, discrete and continuous compounding and taxes and depreciation.

You will receive a 15 percent tuition reduction if you are active military personnel, spouses of active military and veterans. Do remember to provide the appropriate reduction code at the time of registration.

You will be instructed by Dr. William Duff, who has obtained his Ph. D. in Industrial Engineering from Stanford University. He has over 40 years of experience in optimization, quality management and simulation. Currently, Dr. William Duff is in charge of the Industrial Engineering and Operations Research graduate programs at Colorado State University.

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