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Online Master of Engineering Management at Ohio University

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Ohio University has been renowned for its online programs including both Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree.

As for online Master’s degree, there are seven programs available to you, and online Master of Engineering Management (MEM) is one of them.

MEM is designed to combine engineering technology with business, broaden working engineers’ knowledge, and make it possible for them to watch their career take off. A great many engineers choose online courses to get MEM, as they can arrange the schedule without losing their jobs and complete the program more quickly than traditional study. Of course, there is a disadvantage for online learning, like you may fail to focus on the course and waste time, so online learning requires self-discipline.

Who are eligible for online MEM at Ohio University? Students or engineers who intend to apply for such a program have to meet some requirements:

For those who get a Bachelor’s degree in the field of engineering, mathematics or physical sciences for four years, and graduate from accredited colleges in the USA, they will be fully approved only if the GPA is 3.0 or higher than that. If you cannot reach this level, like your GPA is lower than 3.0, you may also be considered if you hand in some other documents but the gap between your point and the level shouldn’t be very huge. These additional documents are proofs of previous graduate-level work, engineering work experience and GRE scores.

When you graduate from an accredited American college majoring in business or technology, or you finish your college outside the USA but major in engineering, mathematics, or physical sciences for four years, more application materials are required to get admitted. Your GPA should be 3.0 or higher; the minimum score of GRE should be 155; you should submit a proof of math credits for at least eight semesters. If your GPA or GRE is less than the required level, previous graduate-level work and engineering work experience should be submitted.

Unlike Ohio University, New Jersey Institute of Technology sets a lower GPA level of 2.8 and Gannon University requires only 2.5.

Suppose your major (Bachelor of Science) is not included in the requirements above, you still have chances to get admission from Ohio university only if you have some technical work experience for no less than four years.

It is time to apply for online MEM at Ohio University, provided you meet the application requirements. Then how to apply for it? You can apply online at the official website of Ohio University. The first step is to find out “Admission” column on the home page, and then click “Graduate” under “Apply Online”. By doing so, you can apply easily after submitting some documents. The application fee is $50 but $55 for international students.

One recommendation letter is required to submit, which can be downloaded at the website as well. The letter should be from your immediate supervisor or people who are able to prove your qualification. As for Robert Morris University, you should submit two recommendation letters, and New Jersey Institute of Technology requires three recommendation letters.

Another type of materials is the resume which contains your education background, related work experience and skills, etc. They also require one official transcript (in native language with an English version) from your institution. If you are not a US citizen, you have to submit the courses you have taken and the grading system too.

Plus, an admissions essay of two to four pages is needed to demonstrate your personal objectives. You should state your undergraduate study by providing related courses, your interests and the learning plan for further study.

Test scores like TOEFL or IELTS are required for non-native speakers of English. Minimum scores are set by Ohio University: TOEFL (paper) 550, TOEFL (computer) 213, TOEFL (iBT) 80 and IELTS (Academic only) 6.5. Note that scores older than two years are not valid. Some non-native students don’t need to submit such scores if they qualify for some exemption.

For details of exemption, visit:

Robert Morris University demands official test scores like ETS or MAT in line with the online program you are going to apply for. Yet scores older than five years are not accepted. Financial support statement is requested to complete (not for Ohio University) as well as health insurance proof and TOEFL scores.

Apart from the application requirements, the online program cost is another important element to consider. As we have mentioned, the application fee of online MEM program is $50 for resident and non-resident students and $55 for international students. Yet some universities provide a cheaper application fee, for example, Lawrence Technological University charges $50, and Robert Morris University has no application fee at all. But the application fee of Ohio University is not the highest, as New Jersey Institute of Technology charges $65.

The tuition fee of Ohio University is $20,604 for resident students and $21,250 for non-resident students and international students. Let’s go through the online tuition charges of some other reputable universities: Robert Morris University charges $830 per credit hour, so the overall tuition fee is $24,900 for the whole 30 credit hours. As for Lawrence Technological University, the tuition fee is $970 per credit and the total is $17,460 for 18 credit hours, which is the same as that for New Jersey Institute of Technology.

In the case of network fee, proctoring fee and books, the costs of Ohio University are $4 per credit hour ($136 total), $30 per class ($300 total) and $100 to $300 per quarter ($900 to $3,000 total), respectively, which are the same for all the students.

Consequently, the overall cost of online MEM program is $21,990 to $24,090 for resident students, $22,636 to $24,736 for non-resident students and $22,641 to $24,741 for international students.

In short, the admission requirements of online MEM at Ohio University are kind of strict compared with requirements for other renowned universities, such as the GPA limit of 3.0 (the maximum score is 4.0) and the minimum TOEFL or IELTS score level for international students. Yet the tuition fee is moderate, $4296 more than that for Robert Morris University and $3144 less than those for Lawrence Technological University and New Jersey Institute of Technology.

Note: This web site is not affiliated with or connected to Ohio University. For accurate and professional information, go to Ohio University official site.

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