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Speeding car narrowly misses police officers at petrol station as it smashes into fuel pumps
Posted in Entertainment by IOS March 8, 2017 12:19 pm - 0 Comments

A speeding car narrowly avoided tragedy after it careered into a petrol station – missing two police officers by inches.
The video, which has gone viral since the near miss happened just a day ago, shows a car travelling at normal speed down the motorway and pulling in to a petrol station.

But the driver of the red car travelling behind decides to turn into the fuelling station at the very last minute.
Somehow, the speeding car manages to swerve between the two pumps, hitting the side of one of them but missing the attendant and one of the officers by a fraction.

Family buy packet of Waitrose ‘calorie control’ crisps – and find there’s just ONE inside
Posted in Entertainment by IOS March 7, 2017 8:56 am - 0 Comments

It plays out like a sketch from Little Britain’s farcical weight loss group ‘Fatfighters’.

Health conscious mum Helen Abbott had been buying multibags of Waitrose ‘calorie control’ crisps but felt increasingly short-changed by the quantity inside.

So the next time she picked up a bag that felt particularly light, she asked her 21-year-old son Sam to open it on camera for evidence.
Barber Sam gave the bag a good shake before opening the seal and tipping it upside down – and just ONE measly crisp fell out.
Sam’s Dad Martyn, 47, who owns the family hairdressing business, said: “It was beyond a joke really.

“We did it because it’s funny, but we honestly didn’t think there would just be one crisp inside.

“You all know when you get crisps each time there’s four or five and you think it’s getting worse and worse – but this was another level.

“We didn’t expect it to go viral though, we can’t believe it.

“Someone from Waitrose has commented, but we haven’t heard from the store yet.”
Helen, a housewife, posted on Facebook “Think Waitrose are getting a bit tight.”

She said: “We never expected there to be only one crisp inside,and we never expected it to go viral, but we thought it was absolutely hilarious.

“Nothing like this has ever happened to us before but It hasn’t put me off buying the product again.
Waitrose said: “We’re just as baffled as to why there was only a lonely crisp in the bag.

“We’re sorry for the disappointment and will be looking into what happened to the crisp’s friends to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

“We’d welcome the customer getting in touch so we can make things right.”

Gordon Ramsay is reviewing people’s home-cooked meals – and he’s being predictably mean
Posted in Entertainment by IOS March 6, 2017 9:04 am - 0 Comments

What do you call a person who sends Gordon Ramsay a photo of their home-cooked dinner to ask him what he thinks? Brave. That’s what.

But for some unknown reason, the celebrity chef’s Twitter followers are sharing photographs of their food and asking him to critique it.

Here are just some of his reviews… and he’s not holding back.


Elena and Anthony @LabOfHookers

@GordonRamsay I made pancakes for pancake day. What do you think?

Gordon Ramsay


You mean I’ve burnt pancakes for pancake day ! Roll on next year….

Salmon and veg

Jamie Chambers‏ @jaychambers21

@GordonRamsay what do you think of my first attempt cooking

Gordon Ramsay


Who stole your Asparagus tips ? Lost for words

Kids’ bangers and mash

Lauren Allen‏ @ChasingPacman

Rate My Plate … Bunny/Puppy Bangers & Mash!
I’m Also Available For Children’s Parties ..

Gordon Ramsay


How to put kids off food… Make it look like a dogs dinner

British busker plucked off the streets and jetted to US to perform in front of millions on Ellen DeGeneres show
Posted in Entertainment by IOS March 3, 2017 8:34 am - 0 Comments

Alfie Sheard, 15, was filmed singing and playing his guitar for pocket money on the streets of Doncaster in south Yorkshire and the video went viral with three million hits.
The film caught the eye of the American comedian and she invited Alfie to appear on her talk show which is filmed in Burbank, California and watched by four million people.

DeGeneres told the audience that ever since she saw the video she had been dying to meet him and added: “Wait ‘til you hear him sing, this guy is amazing.”
And there was an even bigger surprise for the youngster when Ed Sheeran appeared with a recorded message and a present for Alfie – one of his guitars which he signed.
The superstar told him saying: “Hey Alfie! Well done for just being amazing and playing all the time. I have heard your stuff and everyone has been very, very complimentary about it as well.

“And I wanted to take this opportunity to give you one of my guitars. The only way that I’m giving you this guitar is if you play it every day.”

The guitar was handed to Alfie, who later played it as he sang Eric Clapton’s Wonderful Tonight.
“I now have Ed Sheeran’s guitar. I can’t believe it – I am such a big fan of his. The fact that he has even noticed me is overwhelming. It means so much to me. It’s not locked away. I play it everyday.”

Alfie added: “I have been playing and singing since I was 12 and I want to do it as a career.
“I do a lot of my own songs as well as covers. I have cancelled a lot of my gigs to concentrate on my school work.
“My dream is to sell my own music and be able to go on tour and perform on live shows – to just sing as a living.

“I love performing on the streets because I can sing new songs that people don’t know. I also get tips which means my mum doesn’t have to give me spending money.”

TV presenter left red-faced as she VOMITS live on air after being challenged to down brown liquid
Posted in Entertainment by IOS March 2, 2017 8:45 am - 0 Comments

A TV presenter has thrown up live on TV after trying to drink a shot containing a mystery substance.

The game on the Spanish show saw Astrid Casale stood next to a male colleague with the pair both holding small glasses.

It is not clear what the mysterious secret ingredient was but it certainly didn’t sit well with the TV personality.
“It’s the worst thing I’ve ever played! I did not stop vomiting and it was disgusting !!! I promise I will not play that even if they scold me.”

REVEALED: The truth behind the viral video of Coventry striker Yakubu wandering around during defeat
Posted in Entertainment by IOS March 1, 2017 8:45 am - 0 Comments

A video of Coventry striker Yakubu apparently doing nothing during his side’s 3-1 defeat by Swindon is not all that it seems.

The clip went viral on social media over the weekend and showed the Nigerian hovering near the touchline as play raged around him.
But Yakubu had actually suffered a hamstring injury but could not be replaced as Coventry has used their three substitutes.

Yakubu pulled up shortly after laying on the pass for George Thomas to score a late consolation goal and the centre-forward was brought to a halt for the final few minutes of the match.
CJ Joiner told the Coventry Telegraph : “It was originally put out to say either a player isn’t injured and not doing a lot or, worse, he is injured and the manager has kept him on.”

He also questioned whether the player had warmed up adequately ahead of replacing Marcus Tudgay in the 70th minute.

After sharing the video on Twitter , Mr Joiner said: “This video brings up certain questions. It appears he is injured. Why did the lack of a proper warm up have a negative effect?
“We had used all three subs but he was trying to avoid the ball. If he was injured there are some big issues here.

Chocolate lovers are only just realising why Kinder Surprise toy cases are yellow
Posted in Entertainment by IOS February 28, 2017 9:00 am - 0 Comments

The only thing better than being given chocolate as a kid is being given chocolate with a toy inside – which you can then build yourself and feel like you’re really smart.

Did you ever stop to think about why the little case containing your toy is yellow? No, why would you?

But there’s actually a really obvious reason the plastic pods are always the colour of sunshine.

It’s meant to look like the yolk when you crack the egg open.

People are only just realising this and sharing their disbelief on Twitter. It’s definitely blowing a few minds.

Tayne @TalkativeTayne

I didn’t know the toy inside a Kinder Egg was yellow cos it was the yolk? Wtf

A bee @Abbi__J

I’ve just realised the surprise inside of a kinder egg is yellow because it’s supposed to be the yolk and I feel so smart

Shannon Brown @Shansss_

Omg the yellow toy egg inside the kinder egg is yellow because it’s suppose to be like yolk wow

Woman teaches passenger who put his feet up on train seat a lesson – by sitting on him
Posted in Entertainment by IOS February 27, 2017 8:55 am - 0 Comments

This video captures the moment a woman tries to teach a lesson to a man who refused to take his feet off a train seat.

The incident took place on Canada’s transportation system on Wednesday, when the middle-aged woman boarded the train.

She was shocked to discover a man resting both his feet on a seat, and decided to take matters in to her own hands by apparently sitting on his feet.

The man then gets irate and tells the woman – who has been identified as Miel Vasulka – to ‘get off me please’, to which she replies: “I’m trying to explain to you that your feet shouldn’t be on the seat.”
The man then eventually pushes her off him and storms away, saying, “I’m about to spit in your f*****g face.”

Since the incident, Vasulka has insisted she did not sit on his feet, and that she actually sat in front of them.

She told The Star: “I want to emphasize that I didn’t sit on his feet.

Man claims to find dead MOUSE inside bottle of Diet Coke
Posted in Entertainment by IOS February 24, 2017 9:03 am - 0 Comments

A man claims he found a DEAD MOUSE inside a bottle of Diet Coke – but social media users smelled a rat sparking speculation he faked the incident.

Erick Dixon posted a live video on Facebook of his disgusting discovery which soon went viral, with more than 5.7 million views.

He told viewers: “I found something a bit strange in the top part of the bottle and decided to record a video while emptying the drink.
In the footage, Erick uses a large knife to prise the cap off a glass bottle of the soft drink, branded as Coca-Cola Light in that territory.

There is no audible hiss of escaping gas though a bubble can be seen flying out of the bottle after it is opened.
He seems surprised to find some hairs on the underside of the cap, telling viewers: “There are hairs in the cover. There are also hairs inside. I am going to throw it because it is too disgusting.”

He pours the dark liquid into a sink and once it has drained, a dead rodent is seen inside the bottle.
Erick says: “Look at this, something is appearing now. I don’t know if you can see it, but this is a rat, inside a Coke bottle.

“It is a new Coke, just bought in Oxxo, it does not matter where it was bought, but it was new, totally new, and there is a kind of little mouse.

“This is the mouse that invaded my Coke. If you drink Coke, please check it before drinking it.”
Netizen ‘Marla C Valles’ said: “We almost believe you, man.”
‘Jacob Espinosa’ said: “When he opened the bottle, there was no gas from inside.”

But ‘Teresa Ortega’ wrote: “What a disgusting thing!”

‘Bianca J Primero’ added: “Very disgusting, poor you, man. I do not notice if there are hairs in the cover or what, but it is disgusting anyway.”

Revealed: True story behind ‘furious’ woman cyclist wrecking van of ‘cat-calling workman’
Posted in EntertainmentsingleUncategorized by IOS February 23, 2017 9:29 am - 0 Comments

The company behind a viral video apparently showing a cat-calling victim ripping the wing mirror from a white van man’s vehicle has admitted not everything is as it seems.

In the video, the van driver shouts over to a female cyclist: “Alright, want my number?” – and she is later asked: “You on your period?”

The ‘enraged cyclist’ later responds by pulling up alongside the vehicle, with two men inside, and yanking its wing mirror off.

But after witnesses began claiming the video was actually staged by a camera crew, the company responsible for distributing it made a humiliating admission.

Paul Beiboer, the boss of Jungle Creations, which claims to “create and curate the best content on the internet”, said his firm handed out the footage “under the impression that it portrayed real-life events”, but now believes the video may be “factually incorrect”.

“Contrary to reports, we want to make clear that we were in no way involved in the making or production of this video.

“The video was received from a third-party content provider and it was distributed on Viral Thread under the impression that it portrayed real-life events.

“We rigorously vet all content received from third parties to ascertain its credibility, but unfortunately our usual high standards were not met on this video.
Kareem Naaman said on social media after the footage went viral: “This is fake and was filmed by actors. Mate of mine saw it all being filmed.

“Not sure who or why, but interested to find out what it was for.”