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Recommended Online Master Degree Programs in Texas Part I

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As the second most populous and extensive state in the United States, Texas is also renowned for a number of great colleges and universities.

Some of the sought-after options include Rice University, the University of Texas at Austin and Baylor University, etc.

If you prefer earning a master degree online, there are also a lot of options for you to choose from. This article will recommend you a couple of online master degree programs provided by reputable colleges and universities in Texas. If you are interested, take a look at the following list.

I. The University of Texas at Tyler

In addition to a series of online certifications, UT Tyler also furnishes various online graduate degree programs which are ideal for those:

1) looking for accredited online graduate programs;

2) expecting to advance their education and move up the career ladder without adjusting their work schedule;

3) aiming to earn a master degree from University of Texas without relocating.

Simply enrolling in an online graduate program in the University of Texas at Tyler, and once you’ve completed all the courses as required, you will receive a degree with the prestigious name – the University of Texas – on it.

At present, UT Tyler’s online master degree programs involve many fields, such as nursing, engineering, education and psychology, and more. For those interested in business, UT Tyler’s online MBA program can be a perfect choice.

Recognized by numerous national organizations this non-thesis MBA program has won the Higher Education Award from the U.S. Distance Learning Association. It is designed for graduates in liberal arts, engineering, science or other fields to undertake professional studies in business administration.

The program is conducted by the Business and Technology College of the university and requires applicants to get satisfactory score on the Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT). Also you have to meet a few other admission requirements to enroll in this online program:

– Get a bachelor’s degree from an accredited education institution;

– Be proficient in English;

– Complete 15 graduate hours of leveling classes before you take any MBA online courses, if you cannot provide an undergraduate business degree from schools accredited by the AACSB.

UT Tyler’s enrollment process is easy and quick. You only need to complete the online application, pay the application fee and then submit your application along with all the required documents which include:

• Official and unofficial transcripts;

• Official and unofficial GMAT scores.

Note: Official documents will be provided to the Office of Graduate Admissions, while unofficial ones may be sent to the CBT Graduate Advising Office. Recommendation letter, admission essay or resume is not required.

Your tuition is calculated based on the total credit hours. Normally, the university will charge $50 per semester credit hour for students living in Texas and $363 per semester for students residing outside the state. As for additional fees, there will be student service fee ($11 per semester credit hour) and designated tuition fee, etc.

Also you will be charged a few mandatory fees which consist of automated service fee, international education fee, basic computer access fee and fine & performing arts fee, and so on. To calculate how much it will cost in total, you can take advantage of the Graduate Estimate Tuition and Fees Calculator on UT Tyler’s website.

II. WGU Texas

Billing itself as an online university created to prepare Texans for the 21st century, WGU Texas offers a variety of online graduate programs as well. It’s a nonprofit university founded by the State of Texas through a partnership with Western Governors University.

Online master degrees available at WGU Texas contain Master of Arts in Special Education, Educational Language Learning, Science, Physics and Biology, etc. All the online programs are NCATE-accredited, so you can definitely obtain an accepted master’s degree as long as you complete all the required courses successfully.

However, before you submit an online application to WGU Texas, you are highly recommended to take a glance at the university’s general admission requirements. Generally, to be eligible for WGU Texas’ online graduate programs, you need to:

– Be aged 16 or older;

– Reside in Texas and can provide proof of residence;

– Hold a valid teaching license;

– Meet all program-specific admissions;

– Have received your bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution;

– Complete the online Readiness Assessment on the university’s site.

Besides, you are also required to contact a WGU Texas Enrollment Counselor to see whether or not you can fit the university’s expectation. And your previous college and work experience as well as the amount of time you will be able to make to your studies will also be taken into account when the university makes an admission decision.

WGU Texas charges tuition at a flat rate once every 6 months. Normally, it’s $2,890 per 6-month term and will cover the minimum “full-time load” of competency units. Related fees include a $350 science lab fee, a $65 application fee and a non-refundable resource fee which is $145 per 6-month term.

Well, if the tuition and fees are too costly for you, don’t worry. Financial assistance is available, regardless of your financial need. WGU Texas is authorized to provide several types of low-interest loans to help students cover the cost of their graduate education. According to the university, most students will be eligible for at least one type of financial aid.

Once you are qualified, you are likely to save a lot on most, if not all, of your direct costs, such as tuition and fees, technology and book fees & material fees. Better still, you can apply for WGU Texas’ grants which don’t require repayments.

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