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Recommended Online Master Degree Programs in Texas Part II

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In addition to the University of Texas at Tyler and WGU Texas, there are also a few other reputable universities offering accredited online master degree programs. [adsnese]Texas A & M University might also be a great choice for you.

III. Texas A & M University

Located in College Station, Texas, this university has an enrollment of over 50,000 students, making it the 6th largest university in the United States. No matter you want to undertake professional studies in the area of Science, Engineering, Education or Agriculture, Texas A&M University has online programs for you to receive high quality education from your home.

If you are considering earning a master degree in Health Education, this university is also perfect for you. And you have to make haste, since the deadline for fall 2012 application is July 15. The E-Master of Science in Health Education (E-MS in HE) online degree program is aimed to enhance the training of health education specialists.

Good news is that this online master degree program is also available to non-Texas residents. Besides, students don’t need to come to campus to participate in assessment activities.

This online E-MS in HE degree program is designed around two tracks of learning:

• Content Track – allows a student to choose a specific area that she/he is interested in;

• Professional Track – gives students an enjoyable learning experience related to the practice of health education.

Notice that, Texas A&M University does require online learners to meet a full list of requirements to obtain the E-MS in HE Degree. Based on the track of learning you choose, the degree requirements you have to meet might vary. Generally speaking, you must:

1) Complete the 24 hours of professional preparation coursework which includes:

– Foundations of Health Education (3 credit hours)

– Health Education Ethics (1 credit hour)

– Applied Epidemiology (2 credit hours)

– Health Education Theory (3 credit hours)

– Health Education Program Planning (3 credit hours)

– Health Education Research and Evaluation (3 credit hours)

– Health Education Training (3 credit hours)

– Leadership and Management of Health Education Programs (3 credit hours)

– Professional Health Education Internship (2 credit hours)

– Health Education Capstone Seminar (1 credit hour)

Well, if Content Track is more preferable for you, then be sure to complete 6 hours of internal and external coursework respectively. Besides, you have to take a couple of electives.

2) Earn a satisfactory score on comprehensive examination;

3) Have the potential to become a Master Certified Health Education Specialist;

4) Meet all the eligibility requirements of the MCHES Examination.

Now that you’ve gone through all the degree requirements, bet you have a clear idea whether this program is right for you. Once you decide to enroll in the E-MS in HE online program, complete and submit an online application as soon as possible. (The application form is available at

Remember that, you are also required to provide a few additional documents along with your application, such as:

– Official transcripts of your college degree as well as coursework;

– A proof of the Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES) Certification;

– Three recommendation letters from non-family members;

– Your GRE score;

– A statement of why you choose to earn your master degree through online program.

When you finally get all those documents prepared, put them in a large envelope and then send it to Texas A & M University’s Graduate Advisor:

Tami Hawkins

Graduate Advisor

Department of Health & Kinesiology

158-O Read Building

College Station, TX 77843-4243

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