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Top Online MBA Schools

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Do you feel confused about your future career plan? Are you satisfied with your current job and salary?

Maybe you’ve heard of MBA program but you have family and society obligations and you are not planning to sacrifice your job and earnings. Obviously, your decisions of obtaining a MBA degree via online learning couldn’t be made at an ideal time. Online MBA is well recognized for its value among entrepreneurs, business owners, employers and employees from all over the world. It seems that the MBA degree carries an indispensable value in all aspects and any organizations nowadays. The upcoming part will mainly discuss the representative universities with online MBA programs.

Northeastern University

For students who are planning to study MBA program in Northeastern University, the MBA degree programs are represented in online format. Any online students can build solid foundation in all aspects of business, based on their career success, managerial skills and knowledge base after a period of MBA online learning. Moreover, Northeastern University makes it possible for you to take the most complex leadership role after your learning career. In online MBA program, students can get an array of core courses which are considered as the specializations to enhance the MBA degree. These courses include international management, marketing, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Capella University

The online MBA courses are specially designed to you by the combination of the traditional business courses and a series of professional MBA courses. With the conformation of your busy schedule of life, the Capella University is committed to guiding you forward to your career. Its online courses start every six weeks and can be completed in 2 yearsand the programs are mainly including:

• Project Management

• Marketing

• Human Resource Management

• Finance

• Accounting

Thunderbird School of Global Management

Located in Arizona, Thunderbird offers global MBA courses with selective terms: 12, 19 and 36 months. It allows students to participate its MBA programs by distance education and on-site seminars which are available in USA, Switzerland, China and Chile. It provides students with various work opportunities in distinguished enterprise and even national institutions. The tuition fee is $68,800 and the main courses are related with:

• Global Political Economy

• Global Finance and Operations

• Global Marketing, Leadership

• Cross-cultural communications

University of Phoenix

The MBA courses from Phoenix are intended to improve the ability of role managers related on assessing information, choosing solutions and defining business problems. Phoenix admits the importance of managers’ role in every aspect of advancing enterprises and managers should be qualified for validity and reliability of the information of business case and considered as critical user at decision-making process. The specific discipline includes law, finance, marketing and information systems.

Duke University

Ranked at 6th in Business Week and 12th in U.S. News&World Report, Duke presents online MBA education programs which can last for 16 months with online learning and approximately 6 months residential sessions in North Carolina, Asia and Europe. The tuition fee is $125.400 and the main courses include Marketing, financial management and finance.

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