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Well-Paying Online Programs & Schools Offering Them

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The idea of learning programs online is nothing new, at least to me.

Actually, a little chitchat will disclose that I can barely feel shocked by anything new at this stage of my life. Such a weirdo. Anyway, back to business. Let’s talk about online programs since you are so interested.

Among this stagnant economy, we’ve seen the almighty fall of once dominant industries and the rise of new industries. But one field that would never decline is education. It is understandable that it does not decline, but the staggering phenomenon is that it derives something new: online education, or distance education if you prefer.

When it comes to online education, what do you care most? I guess it is nothing less than programs available and by whom they are made available. Here, we’ll discuss the two separately.

But since most of us care for crash courses able to help us start or advance in a career, the discussion on programs offered turn into

What are the well-paying online degrees?

Facts speak louder than words, always. Therefore, I’ll just give some stats.

So according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics,

– Well-Paying Associate Degrees are

1. Nuclear Engineering with median salary of 75,649.60 dollars

2. Medicine with median salary of 67,639.94 dollars

3. Information Technology with median salary of 51,083.46 dollars

4. Electrical Engineering with median salary of 53,472.30 dollars

– Well-Paying Bachelor’s Degrees are

1. Aerospace Engineering with median salary of 103,181.12

2. Aviation with median salary of 123,228.48 dollars

3. Computer Engineering with median salary of 101,710.99 dollars

4. Nuclear Engineering with median salary of 87,380.80 dollars

– Well-Paying Master Degrees include

1. Geology with median salary of 74,785.88 dollars

2. Nursing with median salary of 70,491.21 dollars

3. Public Health with median salary of 60,046.64 dollars

4. Business Administration with median salary of 64,925.28 dollars

Where can you learn these programs?

It is implausible for me to list all the universities offering above mentioned programs or degrees, since a) there are so many of them and b) I am not doing a survey here.

Therefore, allow me to introduce some of the schools offering some of the programs.

– Engineering Technology-Computers (ET-C) from DeVry University

Those having knowledge of accredited online universities must have heard of DeVry University, which confers degrees in technology, science, business and management.

ET-C program, instructed by qualified teaching faculty, include these courses that help advance your career

1. Microprocessor Architecture, which introduces the basic background of the current electronic systems. You will learn to program in the microprocessor and develop simple algorithms with assembly language or high-level language.

2. Data Communications and Networking, which introduces principals of data communications such as noise effects, multiplexing and transmission methods. Protocols, architecture, and performance analysis of local and wide area networks will also get involved.

3. Database System Design, which introduces SQL for implementing and accessing a relational database as well as embedding SQL into a high-level language.

For more info, you can either browse to its website or contact a DeVry University rep.

– Business Administration from Strayer University

We’ll know that an accredited online business administration degree plays a significant role in secure a high-paying position in businesses big and small. The Bachelor of Business Administration program from Strayer University can help you with that.

You will learn key objectives like

1. Business concepts featuring functional area strategies that empower a business with overall objectives

2. Strategic management to build appropriate business strategies via analysis of the operating environment in a firm

3. Ethics to develop management practices needed to foster an appreciation for multiple cultures, ethnicity’s and the like

4. Decision making to analyze business situations by applying management concepts and decision-making techniques

Also covered in this program is a wide variety of concentrations designed to meet your specific career needs. You can find accounting, Acquisition and Contract Management, Banking, Entrepreneurship, Finance and more.

It takes about 6 years to complete this program for students attending part-time. Tuition and fees covering the entire program at current part-time tuition rates are 70,100 dollars. At current full-time tuition rates, it will be 66,800 dollars.

For more info, you can visit Strayer’s website.

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