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What You Need To Know about University of Illinois Online

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Founded in 1997 as an initiative providing coordination and support in the area of distance learning and public service, the U of I Online is aimed to provide high-quality online education to people in and around the United States.

Today, a full range of online programs and courses are offered by three campuses of the University of Illinois – Chicago, Springfield and Urbana-Champaign.

As a leading research-intensive university in Illinois, the University of Illinois can ensure you an engaging and effective online learning experience. But before your registration, take a look at this article to learn more about requirements and services of U of I online.

Admission & Registration

Each campus of the University of Illinois has its own requirements in terms of admission and registration. Generally speaking, you can choose to register for most of online courses and programs from both Springfield and Chicago through phone. Urbana-Champaign uses a web-based registration system, so you can simply submit your application form and make payment online.

UIC Online requires students to enroll in Graduate College if they plan to get a degree through online graduate courses and programs. But if you take these courses just for personal enrichment rather than pursuing a degree, you will be allowed to enter the Graduate College as a non-degree student.

Since each online program may have additional admission requirements, you will need to contact the coordinator of the program you choose to have a clear view of all the specifics. Note that if you are going to apply for the following online programs, apply directly with the department instead of the Graduate College: Certificate in Electromagnetics, Certificate in Wireless Communication, Certificate in Public Health Informatics, Master of Engineering and Master of Public Health in Public Health Informatics etc.

UIS Online offers programs and courses for undergraduate and graduate students. However, applicants for undergraduate courses should complete at least 30 semester hours and obtain a cumulative GPA of more than 2.00 from accredited education institutions. Before you can begin an online graduate degree program at UIS, you must submit an application form (with official transcripts attached) to the Office of Admissions.

At UIUC, application form is only required of students who pursue degrees. For those who do not wish to get a degree, there are no admission requirements. Course prerequisites are required for those who plan to get an undergraduate degree through taking online courses at the 100 to 300-level. If you are an applicant of graduate courses and programs, remember to earn three units of credit before admission.

Tuition & Fees

Apart from admission requirements, another major concern of online learners is how much a program will cost. Normally, online learning expenses consist of several portions, including the basic cost of credit, registration fees and more. Tuition and fees of online courses offered by U of I Online vary by campus and program, similar to those for on-campus classes.

ETuition at UIC is $695 per credit hour. Technology and other fees might apply as well. At Springfield and Urbana-Champaign, tuition will be charged by the credit hour or quarter unit. But fortunately, there is no additional fee for nonresidents.

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